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Feeling down


Hi guys I haven’t posted in a while but having a bad day today, I’ve had both my tubes out because of endo ( so no natural baby making ) and can’t afford ivf as my husband already a father so I don’t qualify, I am due to have another op in Feb for removal of a ovarian chocolate cyst on my left ovary with a chance I could lose it and I just feel like a failure as a woman who’s body doesn’t work, especially this time of year when I long to be a mum, I keep dreaming I gave birth and it seems so real and it’s heartbreaking when I wake, I know it’s just playing on my mind, does anyone else feel like a failure?? Been feeling it for a while now. Sorry for the rant x

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Hi Blake, am so sorry to hear what you are going through.I myself was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes after trying to conceive unsuccessfully.In my country where I come from one has to pay privately,the government doesn't fund it neither does any insurance firm.

I tried serrapeptase but had bad side effects(Vomiting non-stop and diarrhoea) so had to stop.Trying some other herbal stuff to unblock,my relationship is on the rocks so I may not have a partner to do this with.So I get where you are coming from,I feel like crap sometimes.

My baby sister who I love to death just had her second baby.When I went to the hospital to see her all I wished was it was me holding my baby or hopefully I will soon.I feel you sister

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