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Where is the best place to get CBD oil from


Hello I'm struggling to control my pains now, lso struggling mentally with it all tbh, I have heard CBS oil is good, anyone know the best place to get some from or anything I can get to help me please,

Or any advice on mental wellbeing on trying to deal with it all and the emotional side to it all

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well, xx

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Hi there,

There are a lot of options on The Chillery website. From cbd oil to vapes, bathbombs, body oil. Worth having a look but can be a bit pricey.

I tried the vape, ive got to say i didnt find it helped loads with pain but did feel more relaxed which helped me sleep better through the pain.

I'm thinking an oil may be better for pain so would be interested to see others replies too.

Hope you can find something that works for you.


Sometimes Holland and barrett do half price or get one the other 1p

I buy from a company called Hempura. Reasonable prices, and fast delivery. I use CBD oil and chocolates daily and it helps me so much! Without it I wouldn't be able to walk from the pain.

I have bought CBD oil from canabidol. It’s not cheap but its meant to be high quality.


If you find CBD oil a lot cheaper anywhere you need to check the quality is still high. I personally haven’t really noticed a difference in pain when taking this but I will give it another go. Also the higher mg you get the more effective it’s meant to be. I just got the 500mg so it might be worth trying the 1000mg but they are a lot more expensive!

BeYou does some xx


I swear by CBD bath salts and fizzers by Jade at Aureus Salis. She makes her own salts etc and sells via Facebook - facebook.com/aureussalis/

She's has a blend called PMS and for me it deflates endo bloat and eases pain. I often use it with one of her CBD fizzers, so relaxing! x

I’ve just recently started looking into this as well as found out the gummies are supposed to be pretty good, they’re not cheap but after research the CBD Fx are meant to be one of the best. I’ll be ordering to try them myself too but the price keeps stopping me - I tried oil a year ago but couldn’t handle the taste. My friends now buy CBD oil from Holland and Barret and seem to be very happy with it, the taste has improved so much and like Thecrazypugglelady said they do good sales on them.

Keep us updated on whether it helps you if you try xx

I buy both CBD oil and CBD capsules from Truth Naturals.co.uk. I’d avoid vapes and gummies as that just taking sugar/ artificial sweeteners which are inflammatory.

It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. This oil is organic, hemp derived and has no THC. It works very well for me with pain, I have stage 4 endo and I use this about 10 days a month or take the capsules to help manage pain.

I buy the tincture 1000mg oil 30ml with lemon oil in so the flavour is not bad. I take a dropper full under the tongue about once every 20-24hours. You’ll work our what dose you need. I think people who find no benefit from using cbd haven’t used a good quality product or have not found the right dose. My father has Parkinson’s and uses it very successfully now, it took him a little while to work out right dose.

I spent days researching CBD it’s a very saturated market now and there’s lots of products that are average out there.

I swear by the CBD products from BeYou Period! Their products are a life saver for me. I apply the CBD muscle balm all the time and the best thing about it is the fact a little goes a long way. I’ve had it a month and despite constant use, barely made a dent in the product

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