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CBD oil...advice needed please


Hi ladies. I have been given some cbd oil to try by a friend. The idea is that it will hopefully have a better effect than codine to allow me to tackle my pain and remain at work. 30mg upward of codine makes me a tad woozy and effects my concentration and i often have to take 60mg to get relief from pain which means i have to leave work and go to bed as it makes me so spaced and drowsey. Its starting to effect my career as i have to go home so often. I am keen to tackle my pain in a way that allows me to stay in work. I have 2,75% cbd oil from holland and barrett. Can anyone tell me if this is okay to take with paracetamol and ibuprofen when pain hits? I am also on a daily dose of 20mg amatriptaline before bed. Does anyone take both amatriptaline and cbd?

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I can't answer your question but was wondering if you could keep us updated as to how things go with the CBD oil? I'm off to Vegas in July where they have legal mary jane so I was considering a dispensary visit but if the CBD oil has positive feedback then that would be preferable!

Hello, I've just been looking into cbd oil as I've been hearing such good things about it. They're seems to be a lot of support that is anti inflammatory which is great for endo and good for pain relief too.

From what I've read, the strength of the Holland and barret stuff isn't really strong enough to get much effect from it. The one I've been looking into is 15% my sister in law is using it for back pain & sleep problems and she says it does make her sleepy after taking it at night but she's not sedated. When she's had to get up to see to her son, she's felt able and alert.

I think it would be best to try out on its own when you're not working or driving etc. Which is really what would be advised when starting any medication that could cause drowsiness. Hopefully you wouldn't need any other painkillers when taking it. If I were you though, I wouldn't touch ibuprofen, it can cause gut issues that would make inflammation worse. There's a lot of talk of NSAIDs and the issues they can cause.

With the amatryptaline, I think you should look into that a bit more as that's a pretty heavy medication. Are you taking that for pain management? I know people with arthritis take both amatryptaline and cbd oil so it might be worth looking on the patient forum website and asking there as it might be more common. Some of the higher quality cbd oil distributors offer a consultation, maybe you could get in touch with one and see what they advise?

I take codeine for pain too and try to avoid it as much as I can. I'm just looking until the cbd oil and I'll post on here once I get some.

Netti451 in reply to weekari

Hi weekari. To be honest i have taken the 2,75% h&b stuff in work today with 2 paracetamol and instillagel (lidocaine) local anaesthetic and got the same relief i would have hate to take 60mg codeine to get previously but without the sedative effect so im pretty chuffed. Fingers crossed for future experiments x

Auntyp62 in reply to weekari

For more information and advice there is a face book page called cbd questions answered, run by very knowledgable people. We have had great success using it for a one year old dog that the vet said no hope put him down. We had nothing to lose. Within 2weeks he was out of pain and running around when we stopped it 6 weeks later he became poorly again. Again it worked. If it works on a dog why not humans.

From what I have learned Holland and Barrett can be a waste of money as it’s so weak you have to use more till you find the right amount for you. With the stronger ones the gold standard of refinement is the most pure and you need less. Try cbd questions answered face book......I did and saved my dog....brilliant

weekari in reply to Auntyp62

I'm really happy that your dog has responded so well but I think I want more than if it works for dogs, why not humans! 😂

There is another page I've just found 'Cbd oil users and education group' that is more of a information page that not run by people trying to sell their products.

Blossom39 in reply to weekari

There’s a page on fb if you’re on there it’s really helpful with dosage and what ones are best, and what times are best tot take them. And have different strength ones

weekari in reply to Blossom39

Do you know the name? There seems to be a lot and some are just people my to sell stuff. X

Blossom39 in reply to weekari

The group is called simply cbd users support, I purchase mine on the group there’s a link to the website simply cbd x

I wouldn't bother with holland and Barrett stuff as it's not strong enough. Have a look online. I use the CBD brothers website and buy the blue one x

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