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Hi everyone,

I’ve got my first lap coming up and I’m so worried that the gynae surgeon doing it is going to miss something (or not find anything). At my appointments he’s been vague and a little dismissive that my symptoms ‘won’t be down to endo’

At the same time I’m also having a lump removed from my abdominal wall which is possible c-section endo (very confusing).

Firstly has anyone had experience with both surgeries being done.

And also does anyone have any tips for questions before I go under the knife? I mean we all want as many details as possible when we come round and with the surgeon being so vague already I’m worried I’ll come home knowing very little

Many thanks

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I had my lap this time last year and was told they found nothing, which crushed be but tbh I was expecting it. In a way it was good because it meant doctors started looking into other things which were the root of my problems; I came off the pill after 4 years and a lot of the pain stopped, I got treated for IBS and food intolerance which made other pain go and so forth. Just because it might not be endo, doesn't mean there is nothing wrong and it's all in your head as the pain can come from other sources, so just try and keep an open mind that no endo isn't always no answer! x

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Hi Kate, thanks. You’re right. I don’t want endo, I want answers and either way the op will offer something. I need to get into the art of positive thinking. My brain is so scrambled with general life stuff at the moment I’m finding it hard to stay focused on the good things in situations.

Thanks for responding, I think I needed that other perspective xx

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