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Laparoscopy diagnosis

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Hey everyone.

I had my very first laparoscopy this morning. To my surprise I haves stage 3 endometriosis which was burnt away from my Fallopian tubes and ovaries. One of my ovaries had endo burrowing into it but the surgeon thinks he manger to laser that too. Also had a adhesion from my left ovary to my uterus wall. This was cut away and freed.

My surgeon explained this to my mum as I had a bad reaction coming around from the anesthetiser. Apparently he also apologised and said he never would of thought it as I'm young to get it at 19. I will go back to see him in 2-4 weeks to arrange a plan. I have been told to go on the mini pill non stop until I want to have children, this should stop the endo spreading I guess.

I'm very confused and feel very alone and scared. Even though my mum has been my rock but she can't feel what I can. I am also trying to take it so in as I only got out of surgery at 11.30am my surgery took 1hr and a half. Been feeling very ill all day and in and out of consciousness.

I have been advised to take 7 days off work to recover however I was planning on going back on Monday so I am unsure what to do "/

Any body who has any information or advice I would be very great full! As you all know its nice to be told your not imagining the pain but also devastating when you find something this out!

Thank you for reading xxx

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Hi Hun,

Sorry to hear about what you have been through. I would not go back to work early I did that and felt worse for doing that. You are not alone by any means if you need to talk you have all us who have gone through the pain etc as you. I have been in and out of hospital since I was like 8 and had a lap in 2000 I think where I was told I had endo but it is the worst case well that was until 2008 where I had another lap and it was a lot worse :-( but I'm not to bad now had the coil fitted and still get pain but not like I used.

Hope it helps knowing your not alone

LauraLou xx

All I can say is rest up loads, and don't go back to work on Monday unless you feel properly well enough, it took me weeks to get over my lap, I had a couple of other procedures but no endo removed as too severe, you've had endo removed so still might be sore, I really do think Monday is very ambitious, I tried to do too much too soon and it really prolonged my recovery, you want a minimum of 1-2 weeks I would say....take care xx

Hi i know how you feel, scared and alone but I promise once the anesthetic starts wearing offit helps you think straight, took me about 5 days to feel right, but I went back to work after a week and had endo lazered and as soon as I got there I knew I shouldn't! I had another 2 days off then went back but that week still had lots of pain and to be honest drank coffee andsasat chatting more than working as couldn't stand for to long. It all depends on your job but I would say at least a week.

Give your body time to rest and sleep I remember crying myself to sleep the first few days but it did get easier and its great your mum is there for you. Having support really helps and if your worried about anything everyone on here have been a great support to me and have been a lifeline when I need to speak so someone that can understand the pain and emotions that come with endo. So you are not alone and just take one day at a time while you recover, take it easy. Sleep lots and get some good hugs too as they help too xx sending you a hug too x

Having endo lasered off is a terrific amount of burning inside you, it takes quite a while to get healed from that. A bit like the worst case of sunburn, but you cannot put cream on it.

So first it feels blistery then taught and tender then ever so itchy inside. Much like the phases you go through when you have suffered a really severe sunburn.

You will need at LEAST 1 week off work, possibly a few weeks. If you go back to work on monday and then have set back and have to take more time off, that counts as two occasions of sick leave not one.

If your Doc has signed you off work for 7 days you must get a Doc's letter to confirm you are fit to return to work sooner otherwise your employer will not be insured for you to be at work and a responsible employer would send you straight home again till your sick note expires.

It is wayyyyyyyy too soon to be making that decision while you are still heavily dosed up with pain killers and anaesthetic from the surgery. When these wear off and you are left with the gas pains from trapped gas, and the lap op holes hurt and everywhere that was lasered will also start making a fuss, believe me you will not be wanting to get out of bed for a few days much less get to work.

The mini-pill is one option provided you are willing to take them every day religiously.

Another option for longer term relief is the mirena coil, which does take a few months to get working but once it does it could last up to 5 years of no periods or period pains or ovulation pains and no worrying about taking tablets either. Much much easier to cope with than tablets.

If you meet someone settle down and want to start a family within the 5 years then it can be removed at a local clinic usually.

The Family Planning clinic will have advice leaflets on all sorts of ways to stop periods.

There are many options to try and if one tablet or method doesn't suit you try something else.

First things first, rest up, take it easy drink lots of fluids for your burnt insides, do not over stretch yourself, get plenty of sleep and a healthy balanced diet with lots of vitamins.

It's a lot to ask of a human body to recover from big burns whether you can see them or not.

My laser work inside was still very obviously uncomfy several weeks after my op.

Let your mum look after you for a week or more and then see whether you are able to cope with a full day's work. you might find it easier to return to work on reduced hours for a while.

it really does depend on how much laser work was done inside as to how long you take to heal up.

I am 2 weeks post op today. I had my boyfriend stay with me for the first weekend then I had to fend for myself during the week. I wa advised to take a week off work which thankfully coincided with the bank holiday so in all I was off for a week and a half. I returned to work on Tuesday and despite having a desk job, I still found it hard and have been uncomfortable.

Just remember, the outside of your body may look fine but inside is a whole other story. You have been through alot and your health should always come first.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.x

Hi Lauren,

I have only recently diagnosed myself and can understand what you are feeling. I have yet to see a gynae since they found the endo and seem to be spending the days, weeks just trying to manage the pain.

I have been off work for some time since they originally thought I had Crohn's and have been in and out of hospital. I would advise you to take as much time as you need to recover (if possible). There is no point rushing back to work when you are recovering from your op. I had mine nearly 4 weeks ago and still have pain around the operation site. Remember that you have to think of your health. If you go back to work too soon you are likely to feel worse.

I hope that you manage to get your appointment with the specialist soon and find a treatment path that works for you.


Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. It's now the second day since my op. feeling better now although my cuts are sore and still taking alot of pain relief.

How long do you wait to see the consultant after your diagnosis ?

Hope everyone is well xx

Hi I was taking a lot of pain relief for the first 2 weeks from op pains so keep taking them I knew it if I missed some! Everyday I felt a little better and my head gradually cleared from the anesthetic, it was a good 5 days before I felt it had warn off completely. I have my follow up on Wednesday which will be nearly 8 weeks since lap. I was told 6-8 weeks is usuall wait. It seems a long time waiting and I went back to doctors for better pain relief couple of weeks ago as couldn't wait so if you need anything while your waiting call your gp. I received a letter for appointment the week after lap so you should get a letter confirming your follow up appointment soon. Get lots of rest and the scars will be sore but do heal quickly. Mine got so uncomfortable and tight I went to nurse at GPS to have them removed after 3 weeks felt so much better after and have now completely healed.x

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