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Zoladex and tibolone



I'm due to start zoladex injections to be topped up with tibolone to reduce symptoms agead of surgery to remove both ovaries and womb.

The doctor has told me that i can start at any time during my cycle , but ive heard you have to wait til day 1 of your period. My appt with the nurse is at week 3.

Is it ok to start then, or should i rearrange for day 1?

Any positive stories of zoladex and tibolone would be great x

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Hey Elbo

I didn't read up anything before I started, lesson learnt from previous worried over nothing. I didn't ask the nurse anything and I was due to have a period in five days time. I had the injection and my period arrived ten days later then went on for 16days. It is different for every woman.

I wasn't allowed any HRT so it's been really tough with symptoms, I suffer with migraines with periods anyway so these have been unprodictable, hot flushes and insomnia. I havent found I suffer with mood swings although it has made me a bit low.

I had my first scan last week about a week after my second injection. There has been a reduction in size and my pain has improved. So I can only report on the zoladex and positive stuff from what I can gather from results.

Not a drug for the faint hearted though it's not easy.

Best of luck 🍀


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