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Four years on and no better off ! Painful sex had a lap out of options ?


Ok so I had a lap done by an endometriosis specialist they found two very small pieces of endometriosis no more than a cm or two across , removed them and gave me some kind of nerve block whilst they did this . So the pain was somewhat better but within a few months I went back to see my consultant and said the pain isn’t any better it was for a little bit but was more dulled than anything he said that was probably the nerve block and they don’t think it was the endo causing the painful sex. They recommended I take gabapentin which I do not want to take it is usually given for things like epilepsy ?! The pain is a deep pain in my womb/ pelvic area it is still there I really feel like I haven’t got any options left ? So here I am four years down the line with no actual reason for my pain and no solution to it any ideas ? :(

Everything else has been ruled out .....

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Forgot to mention I am only 24 and have two children

Has anyone suggested having a Mirena coil fitted? It doesn't work for everyone, but for me it was bliss, until the menopause finally solved the problem.

It may be worth asking to be referred back to a specialist; endo can regrow so it could be that, it may need looking at again. It regrows at different rates for different women and can be in the same or different areas - so being referred back should be standard. Symptoms are expected to reoccur 2 to 5 years later - says my specialist, he says it's very rare that a women doesn't need a repeat removal of endo or some other treatment.

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