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Still in pain 😥


After being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012 after having painful periods most of my life I had a laparoscopy

I was pain free for 12 months then it all came back so was referred back to gyne

In 2015 I had a hysterectomy but the consultant would not remove my ovaries I did beg her to but she told me that because I was 42 I was too young I got over my operation and I was pain free again but it never lasts long

Although I don’t have periods anymore I had bad pain 2 weeks of the month and they got worse so went back again

I went for a mri scan and I now have stage 4 endo scar tissue from past surgery and I’m now having prostap injections for 4 months to shut down my ovaries to see if it gets rid of this horrible period pain and migraines

Just thought I’d write a bit about my experience maybe it may help others thanks for reading Clair x

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I am the same you are not alone , I too have had multiple laps and a hysterectomy leaving my ovaries in and still have pain 2 out of 4 weeks of the month. Maybe I should ask for and mri

Hi the mri just showed where the adhesions and scar tissue where and I have one ovary stuck on the left side close to my bowel so that’s why he put me on the prostap injection to see if they work but they don’t 😥 it’s horrible to go through

Dakrav in reply to Clairabelle73

Did the doc remove the uterous? Then why not ovary after hysterectomy? That’s strange. I can’t really understand that.

Clairabelle73 in reply to Dakrav

They left the ovaries because of the hormones you would go straight Into menopause and she said I was too young at 42 to go through that although I know women younger than me that have been through it

I wanted her to remove them but she wouldn’t everything else was removed now I’m still in pain

Dakrav in reply to Clairabelle73

I am 44 and have my uterus and left ovary left. I had laparoscopy 10+ years ago. It was because my right ovary was all chocolatey and ruined. I found out because I kept getting attacks on my lower right abdomen and right right side. So the doc told me to get an ultra sound done and that’s how they saw I had Endo. With the right ovary gone and appendix. Why don’t you try merina IUD. I have had that for 5+ years and I have a better life now. May be that will help you.

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