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Sickness, nausea, endo & mirena coil

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So I’ve nearly had the coil in for a year, I have let it settle down and thought it was finally working. Much lighter periods although still not regular but much less pain with them.

Anyhow I’ve recently had what I thought was a sickness bug, and then total loss of appetite for two weeks. When I have started eating again, I can only eat small bland food. And then I feel like I have indigestion afterwards

It was only when I started my period that I then considered whether this is endo related?

This is totally out of character, as I’m so greedy I never part with my food, and I’ve lost all enjoyment from food.

I had hoped that the coil would allow me to be relieved of pain for a few years 😬

3 Replies

Hello, I had a Mirena fitted as part of a lap nearly 5 years ago. Out of these 5 years I've had about 3 where I haven't had any issues;

I've had a lot less pain, lighter periods, regular periods (literally same day every month, which I'd never had before).

I haven't had children so they fitted it under GA, as part of the lap. I bled almost constantly for several months but persevered and it had been better (as above), after the 1st year it did settle down and, like I said about 3 years of better than before I had it fitted.

It's coming towards the end of its "life" now and I'm having pregnancy symptoms, including nausea and huge swings in appetite (from nothing to being constantly hungry). I'm not pregnant and continue to have a period every month.

I've done a lot of reading and as with the pill it effects everyone differently, as I've had a 2.5stone weight gain (within a month of having the Mirena fitted) and lots of other side effects. It is weighing up whether you can put up with them to have the pain relief and you're already getting that, which is great!

Happy to answer any questions about my experiences if you want me to, just ask or message.

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Thanks, when I had mine fitted I was told by my gynae that the hormone only works for four years so to get it replaced after four. That might help you

Thanks for sharing your experiences, it does help to know it’s not just me, and that it is endo related.

I’ll persevere x

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My consultant actually gave me a card which states 5 years and only signed me off at the 4 year mark as there was nothing further they could do at the time. Interesting, although I've read different things about "lifespan" for Mirena, maybe something has changed since mine was fitted. Thanks for that. 😊

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