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Depo and Provera


I had a laparoscopy in June and had endo removed.

When I saw my consultant after the operation he suggested I start some form of contraception to slow down the regrowth of endo, I discussed the depo injection with him as I have had this before and it worked well.

Two weeks ago I had my second depo injection and I was still having lots of bleeding and pain (around 6 weeks constant). The GP gave me Provera to take which finished today and my bleeding (& pain) still hasn’t stopped. Anyone been in a similar position? I have no idea what to do now ..... I’m feeling well and truly fed up and defeated

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Hi I have been on off Depo Provera over the years and for me it’s the only thing that helps my Endo but I always have break through bleeding of some sort it either lasts a number of weeks or a week or 2 but it’s never heavy enough for pads it’s just there when I wipe myself and can be a mixture of old and new blood, so for me this is the better of the 2 evils. Sorry that you are having bleeding and all I can say is that with the more injections that you have hopefully it will become less.

Cupcake1617 in reply to Newton72

Thanks! I’m hoping so too, but there’s a little niggle at the back of my mind that the endo is coming back/back already again! Looks like I’ll have to hold tight and see xx

Thanks for your reply! Last time I had it, it worked really quickly & was hoping for the same this time. Looks like I’ll have to find some patients then 😂 x

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