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First Period Post Lap


Hi everyone.

I was just wondering how people found their first period after their lap.

Mine was due 2 days after and arrived bang on, usually it starts gradually but this one started full force! I also found the blood was very thin and watery, instead of the clotting consistency I usually experience (sorry for too much info!)

Is this because of the lap? Luckily it’s died down a lot now but it was so different to normal I guess I just wanted to see how other people’s experiences were like?


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Hi I had my lap in July and it’s made a massive difference to my periods. They used to start brown and stringy, then very dark and clotty. Now, they are much thinner and brighter red, not clotty. I still worry not heavy enough as most comes out when I go to the loo (hope that’s not TMI). Also I seem to have normal period like dull cramps, my endo pain was like being stabbed (now I know how much worse it was, didn’t realise at the time). Not sure if you had endometriosis treated in yours or anything but I had mine excised and this was my experience. Hope that helps xxx

Sorry just looked at your profile and saw you have stage 4 (I did too) and yes my periods are completely different. Good luck with your recovery. I feel so much better after my surgery! Hope you do too eventually xxx

Hey, the first few periods post lap tend to be painful as your insides have been poked etc and are healing. I’m 3 months post lap and my periods are now irregular and still very painful xx

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