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Really scared about laparoscopy after pains

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Hi all does anyone have any advice I’m getting my op next Tuesday and have been researching as much as I can and every woman has said about how painful the gas pains are this is what I’m most scared about as I have really bad health anxiety and the slightest pain and I think I’m having a heart attack I know I’m going to get the gas pains but is there any way to get rid of it ASAP

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Hiya - the gas pains weren't pleasant, but it wasn't awful (nothing like endo tummy pains!) I got them in my shoulders, which I think it quite common. Make sure you have a hot water bottle to put on your shoulders, and a big supply of peppermint tea (helps get the gas out). Good luck x

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Thankyou x

My pains were in my neck (to be specific, the area from the top of your shoulder that runs to your neck) and in my right side of ribs, and diaphragm; I found them awful. It was a bit like cramp you can’t get rid of. However, extra strong mints did seem to help get rid of the leftover gas, and they say movement helps too. It lasted the first two days, but it wasn’t a constant pain all that time; it was if I laughed, or moved (aka walk to the bathroom and back) it would flare up and be painful for about 5/10 mins before subsiding. You can deal with it, and maybe you will be lucky and not experience it at all! If you do, don’t panic! Good luck with your op.

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Thankyou x

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Hi Everlast,

I understand this can be a worrying time. We have an information sheet on laparoscopy and what to expect with the surgery, which can be found here:

EndometriosisUK also have a confidential helpline that you can call free of charge. This is staffed by volunteers who all have experience with endometriosis and are likely to have had a laparoscopy. You can find the opening hours and contact number here:

I hope this information can ease your worry about your appointment.

Best wishes,



The gas pains were not too bad for me. Nothing like the endo pains I’d had! Moving around did help me I think as did drinking ginger ale.

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Was it in your chest or just the shoulders and I hate ginger ale haha I have just got some tablets to help with wind hopefully that helps

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I had some slight sharp pain in my shoulders but it was under my diaphragm where it hurt most. It was like an annoying dull ache I couldn’t shift and then some sharper pains here and there. I took Windeze tablets but they didn’t do much. I didn’t expect them to really as the air wasn’t where those tablets would reach. I’m not sure why the ginger ale helped, but it seemed to! Maybe it was because the bubbles in it made me burp which then helped shift around the other air inside me. Not sure...

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Thankyou for reply I really appreciate it x

I didn’t get any gas pains after mine, I kept waiting for them to arrive as I read how horrendous they were! But they never came! I drank lots of peppermint tea so I don’t know if that helped but just thought I’d let you know as perhaps you’ll be the same! 🤞🏻good luck with everything.

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Thankyou hopefully I don’t x

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