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Small step forward after contacting PALS (patient advice and liaison service)

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Hello everyone hope you are all managing well.

Just wanted to put this out there in the hope it helps someone else progress a little further in their treatment. But you do have to get through a bit of back history first 😅

I first saw a gynaecology doctor in May after a severe bout of pain resulting in a trip to A&E. I had previously been advised by my gp that they suspected I have endometriosis and was waiting for a referral to gynae for this issue but the pain got too bad and I refused to be sent home with pain relief. So I saw this first gynae doctor who ordered ultrasounds, blood tests, took a note of my menstrual history and listened to all the symptoms. He pushed my referral as urgent and I was seen in July, 2 months sooner than my original referral would have been.

The gynaecologist also suspected sciatica and endo with bowel involvement and a possible endometrioma in my abdominal wall from a csection 2 years before which had been growing and giving me its very own set of symptoms since. She referred me for 2 MRIs, one to focus on the lump and one to focus on the pelvis and bowel. She referred me back to my gp for sciatica.

On 5th of aug I went for my MRIs, they only did one around the lump, which I questioned with what I’d been told. I was told I’d get results in 2 weeks and a date for a lap would be set. I waited 2 weeks and spent the following 3 weeks chasing results. No joy. Whilst chasing I was told I had been booked for another mri as ‘further imaging of a broader area’ was required 🙄 second lap was done 10th September (two days after I was told I’d been booked). They did imaging from my groin to my pelvis to my abdomen. Was told the same thing results in two weeks then date for lap would be set.

Waited... chased...

Last week I saw a different gp for sciatica, as it’s cyclical he suspects its endo. He was appalled that I still had no idea what’s happening with my results or future treatments, he suggested I contact PALS. I did, on Friday, today (Monday) I have been told I have an appointment to see a gynaecology consultant booked for the 24th of this month to discuss results! I’m gob-smacked.

I will add I’m 34 and have been battling on and very off to see a gynaecologist, struggling with my cycle since about 17, have tried too many contraceptives and hormones, had 3 kids the last one resulting in my growing abdominal lump....

🙌🏻Use PALS. Get the ball rolling sooner than I did. Stick up for yourself and when you can’t seek help from the right people.

In my case, the patient advice and liaison service.

If you’ve got to the end.. well done.🙃🤣

Thank you for reading.

Hope this encourages someone else to push harder x

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Well done to you. We shouldn't have to fight our way thro though, but i hope you get sorted x

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vmagpie in reply to Carolamb

Thank you! I never thought about using PALS before because I thought it was only for complaints. But they’ve really helped moving things forward.

I got a call today, they had booked me in with the wrong consultant so had to cancel that appointment ... I am now seeing the correct consultant tomorrow instead! X

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Carolamb in reply to vmagpie

Glad its sorted now. I recently complained about some blood tests i had done where one was missed out. The hospital sent me a letter, followed by a phone call. Was taken quite serious. Good luck with your consultant too x

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