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Laparoscopy Recovery Brain fog

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Hi all,

Wondered if anyone can offer any advice or reassurance !

I had my first lap done 6 days ago. This was to remove an endo cyst and to remove some endo from pouch of Douglas and other areas. All went fine. I did have a full on anxiety melt down before the anesthetic went in! The op went on for longer than expected because the cyst was bigger than first thought. But it all went fine. One night in hospital.

Physically I am recovering really well. I am in no pain now and up and around quite happily. However, I still feel woozy, detached, zoned out, off balance. It’s actually quite an awful feeling.

I can’t work out of this could be anxiety ? Or a side effect lf the GA ? Or am i over doing it? Am I expecting too much of myself 6 days in ? Or is this really unusual and I need to see the Gp?!

Much love x x x

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Be really kind to yourself, I had endo removed frpm my bowel and feel it settled after 3 months but I have feelings of my bowel acting up, its only natural as it was shaved, handled, poked and prodded, your body was the same. I had a Hysterectomy at the same time and revovery is still ongoing for me.

You have gas still in your abdomen probably feel arm ache shoulder pain from the leftover gas..drink peppermint tea and the like, avoid spicy foods and try to let your body rest.

At 6 days you are bound to need much more recovery.

You had major surgery cutting through skin muscle ligaments even if laparoscopic! Its still a major operation.

I have anxiety too so understand how it could be acting on you post surgery.

Its a surreal time. You need to pamper yourself, rest and do 0 housework for a good month at the very least. No heavy items like wet laundry etc!

Good luck.



Thanks so much for the reply and wind words!

I think you’re right! I need to be more realistic and stop my anxiety taking over. I seem to be over analysing how I feel all the time and wishing I was feeling better quicker. It’s the tiredness and woozyness that’s awful. The psychical stuff is fine.

Here’s hoping day 7 post op is a better one and not one fillled with anxiety melt downs !!!

Hi Rebecca

This happened to me once and then I realised it was the pain relief tablets I was taking .Hope this helps good luck with your healing and do rest up 6 days is mot long at all x

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RebeccaS81 in reply to ericwatts

Thanks so much for your reply. Xxxx

I am on no pain meds now, I’ve been really lucky in that respect. It’s just really itchy in the incision sites but I can put up with that.

I just feel off balance and generally quite detached - think my ears may have taken a hit with all the laying down! 😂

Being a Sheila isn’t for wimps is it!!!!

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