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Upcoming Laparoscopy


Evening all,

I am just looking for some advice as it’s currently a week until my first lap.

I am extremely anxious as I have never been under such anaesthetic before!

My ultrasound showed a cyst on my right ovary, could this cyst be due to endo?

I’m really not sure if I have it however my symptoms seem to point in that direction. I’m scared either way, what if my pain is unjustified?Any advice on how to prepare for whatever outcome would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not even sure if this makes any sense! So much is whizzing around in my brain!!

Thank you x

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Hello Evangelinie, the cyst that was seen on the ultrasound could for sure be because of endometriosis, did they say what kind of a cyst it was?

I know exactly how you’re feeling, I’ve been under general anaesthetic a few times and I still do get nervous, but believe me it’s nothing to be scared of and tbh it’s actually very relaxing 😬 the part where they start giving you the medication to dose of. You feel very light and you think oh no I’m not going to sleep and by the time you can say anything you open your eyes and you’re in recovery. In all my laparoscopic surgeries i was only told once that there was nothing only slight endometriosis, but they didn’t do anything about it because it was so “not too much” in there words 😒😒 and even if they do say nothing was found, just think of it like this at least you now know that it’s nothing alarming. I’m currently waiting for another laparoscopy. Any questions please feel free to ask. Best of luck xx

Hi Donusgul! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply ☺️

I believe my notes said it was haemorrhagic (? unsure if that’s the right term but definitely along those lines) with striations? That it had multiple low level echoes and was about 4cmx4cmx4cm

I have no idea what to make of that information haha

Ahhh thank you for your positive words, they’ve definitely eased my mind in regards to the anaesthetic! I’m looking forward to the rest haha

Oh my goodness, not too much ☹️ so sad that they can just say that when it’s obviously causing you problems? Bless you I hope your next lap goes well! I guess it would just be frustrating to not receive any answers from the lap and feel like I’m back at square one. Thank you again ☺️ xx


So my advice would be to honestly try not to worry so much, easier said than done I know. The good thing about being under anaesthetic is that you go out within seconds, but you will have everything explained to you by the anaesthetist.

As for the cyst, it could be a sign of endo along with any other symptoms you have. The reason I was referred to gynae was because of a cyst I had on my left ovary, which I was told was a normal part of my cycle apparently, but I also had other symptoms too. Even up until the moments before surgery I was told my problem was a bowel problem, but I actually did have endo. So I would say that no matter what the outcome, the surgery is worth it, you can either finally find out what’s wrong with you, or find out it isn’t what was initially thought, but then you now know you need to try a different path to find out what is the cause of your pain.

And after surgery, make sure you take it easy and don’t rush getting back to work and chores etc, you’re going to need your rest. Hope all goes well for you x

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Hello! Thank you so much for your reply ☺️

Ahhh within seconds is bringing me great peace of mind! I’m honestly petrified of hospitals so I feel like that may be making me feel worse but I’m just trying to keep calm.

Thank you for sharing your story, how crazy that they just really didn’t know up until that point?! If you don’t mind me asking, did they remove your endo within that lap?

If it’s not endo, I will definitely try to pursue a different path for the answers! Although I feel like this may be easier said than done

Thank you for your help and advice!! Honestly greatly appreciated xx

No problem, if it helps to settle some worries you have then I’m glad I’ve helped lol. Btw I would also recommend bringing something to keep you occupied, maybe download a few programmes on your phone, as your surgery could be first thing or you could be waiting a while.

So for me, my endo was found in my pouch of Douglas area and left ovarian fossa, which is like a wall behind the ovary. My surgeon didn’t remove anything simply because there was so much of it. I ended up being referred to a specialist, but I’ve to decided not to have surgery again until I’m ready to try and get pregnant, so I’m just taking the pill. Luckily my endo dosent cause me terrible pain, but glad I know I have it.

If it’s not endo that you have, hopefully your surgeon will be able to direct or refer you to somewhere else. But then again endo is such a common thing you may well have it.


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Ahh yes that’s a really good idea, at my pre-op she explained I could go into theatre anywhere between 1:30pm and 5:30pm 😩

Ahhh I see oh my goodness! So I guess I should see this one as kind of an initial check as nothing may be done.

I can’t actually believe that endo is so common yet so unheard of!

Thanks again and good luck for future family making 😄 xx

Hi, I am today 3 weeks post op! I was the exact same as you, word for word everything you have written was me. I felt physically sick worrying nothing would be found and scared as to what it would be if that was the case and how horrible it would be if I had nothing to explain my pain. Honestly do not worry! The whole point of the surgery is to look and investigate. I was found to have a lot of endo and to be honest its a relief finally having it confirmed. As for the general, I to was a bag of nerves and the best thing todo is tell them! They were so kind and eased me into it and before you know it your awake, getting the answers you’ve been waiting for.

You pain is there and isn’t going to be unaccounted for, think of it as though this is your first step, if nothing shows up it could be something else that will then be investigated with endo ruled out. It’s a process and a difficult one but every step seems to get a bit easier as we learn more. I’m not sure what advice to give you about preparation for the outcome as it’s something that takes time, whatever it may be will take time to sink in, understand and learn about, you’ll most likely feel groggy the days/week following so just rest up and then maybe go see your doctor to ask some questions (I did) and it helped me understand where my endo was found etc.

As for the cyst, I’m not sure, I had polyps and they said they could be as a result of endo or might not be, I’m not sure if they can tell. I think it’s the same with cysts as I know some women who have just had cysts on their own.

Honestly don’t worry, have a bath the night before relax and take magazines/a book with you to the hosp to keep your mind occupied. Just think of it as an important step forward, whatever the outcome.

Let me know how you get on! X

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Good Morning Jh14,

Thank you for your reply!! Sharing your experience has eased my mind! I’m so glad your lap went well and you got answers ☺️ it must be such a good feeling (bad too I guess) knowing you’re not going mad and having your pain justified.

I will definitely book an appointment with my GP afterwards as I will probably have a hundred questions whatever the outcome.

I do have the symptoms that you can have with an ovarian cyst so part of me thinks it could just be that however the other part thinks would that cyst really cause that much pain?! If you get me haha as I know some of the symptoms overlap with endo.

I will take all of your advice, especially the relaxing bath part, and keep you updated!

Thank you ☺️ xx


I was in exactly this position a year ago waiting for surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst. I was terrified even the anaesthetist commented on how fast my heart was pounding! As others have said as soon as they start injecting you you fall asleep. Then it feels like two seconds have passed and you’re awake again and it’s all over. They gave me my results in recovery and luckily I just had a cyst and nothing else so hopefully you will be the same. However it’s worth writing down all your questions to give to the surgeon in case there is anything and you’re not feeling completely with it to remember. Recovery for me was painful on the first day so I requested some stronger painkillers from my GP (they sent me home without and advised taking paracetamol and ibuprofen which didn’t scratch the surface). They prescribed Naproxen which really helped me. If I was you I would look forward to the tea and toast in hospital it was the best I’d ever had 😁

Hello ☺️

Oh heck, I imagine my heart will be the same! The way everyone is describing the anaesthesia is really calming me down though, the idea of two seconds and then you’re in recovery sounds OK!

May I ask what kind of questions you asked afterwards being that it was just a cyst? And how do you feel now a year on? Have any symptoms you had gone? Feel free to ignore those questions if that’s too nosey 😳

Haha tea and toast sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for your reply xx

Yes it honestly went so quickly! That was the part I worried about most and I shouldn’t have done.

I wasn’t prepared and didn’t really ask any questions at the time but the surgeon told me it was just a cyst which looked benign but they had to send some of the tissue for testing. Scans and bloods had also pointed towards it being benign but they just have to check. She also told me that they didn’t need to remove my ovary and that everything else looked fine.

I booked an appointment later with my gp and asked if I’m likely to get another one, how will it affect my fertility, and just checked everything else was ok.

Some of symptoms are much better a year on. My main symptoms were bloating, painful periods, IBS and weeing a lot. The bloating is a lot better (only comes with IBS rather than constant bloating that I had before), periods are the same, I don’t wee so much and the IBS is much better than it was although I still have to manage my diet and anxiety to help with that.

I hope that helps!

Hi Evangeline,

I had my laparoscopy 2 weeks ago. I was exactly the same as you, extremely anxious to the point i wanted to walk out of the hospital and just deal with the constant pain. Anyway, I have the operation and honestly there was no need for me to be anxious, the anithestic is just like you are going to sleep, you won’t even know anything and then all off a sudden you will wake up in recovery. I was also worried that they wouldn’t find anything but they did remove endometriosis and I am awaiting my post op to see what can be done.

Good luck and I am sure everything will be fine.

Alex xx

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Hello Alex ☺️

Oh wow two weeks ago, I hope your recovery is going well. I’m definitely feeling eased so thank you!!

I guess you just get into your own head and start second guessing yourself. Kind of like am I making a big deal for nothing sort of thing!

Thank you for your kind words ☺️ I hope all goes well for you at your post op xx

Hand on my heart the anxiety and worry was much worse than the operation itself.

I had mine 26th June very long op and I’m absolutely fine now and was after.

I had a fibroid removed along with endo it’s laser removal so non invasive really.

Try some meditation and relax your mind with breathing exercises.

Having anesethic is like having a really good sleep and your in safe hands.

This is the best thing to have it over and done with just have a nice plan of recovery and have a nice positive image of you after smiling and happy it’s done.

You been fine - calm your mind and know sooner it’s over sooner you be able to get on with normal life

Goodluck 🙏

Oh really! I’m feeling very calm after reading everyone’s reassuring comments so thank you!!

Aww those are such kind words and thank you for your advice, I will do my best to channel positive vibes 😄

Thank you xxx

Hi Evangeline

I'm having a diagnostic lap next week as well and have never had to go into hospital for anything before so am feeling anxious too but reading through the answers here is definitely reassuring!

Good luck xxxx

Hi Nellie!

Aw it sounds like we’re in the same boat. The answers are honestly brilliant aren’t they!! Definitely what I needed to hear.

Thank you and I too wish you the best of luck!! xxxx

Hey, how did you get on? xx

Morning Nellie!

Honestly the anaesthetic was not scary at aaallllll! The staff were so kind and honestly I felt in such good hands! I remember my head going a little warm and fuzzy and then what felt like 10 seconds later a nurse was saying my name, covering me in some sort of heated blanket and giving me pain relief! It was so efficient!

Turns out he was in there a little longer than he thought he would be, my daycase became an overnight stay and I’ve been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis.

Not entirely sure if it’s sunk in yet but so glad I wasn’t going crazy!

I wish you all the best of luck and hope you get the answers you deserve xxxx

Glad it went well even if it did mean a longer stay. I guess they treated some whilst you were under then? I thought the same about the anaesthetic and was relieved that it was all so quick. They only found a small amount of endo with me which they cauterised and some adhesions which he thought could have been caused by endo and they cut I think? Although none of us want any issues it is a relief to have an answer to the pain and like you said you know you're not going crazy! I also had the dye test as we've been struggling to conceive and that showed all the tubes ok so am really happy. Home now and the pain is pretty good apart from my shoulder- despite reading loads on here was not prepared fkr the gas pain 🙈 but that should be good in a day or two. Wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

Yeah I believe so! He did explain to me a little bit but I was on another planet still haha.

Awww so glad to hear, I wish you luck for future babies! ☺️

Yeah I totally agree about the gas pain it’s so bizarre, honestly felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest! I also have sharp pains in my pelvis but I believe that’s from where he removed my cyst.

Thanks Nellie!

Wishing you a speedy recovery also 😘 xxxx

Hi Evangelinie,

I am having my first laparoscopy a week from now too!

Hope all will go well with yours. :D Will be praying for us all!

I'll be at Treliske hospital.

Hi E-J,

Aww thank you!! I’m a tad nervous but feeling OK! :)

Sending you love and well wishes! We can do this! X

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