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So confused on what to do


I have a pre-assessment for a laparoscopy on Wednesday in preparation for a laparoscopy in say 12 weeks, I don't know if I have endometriosis, my periods, however, are incredibly unpleasant, to say the least the pain hurts very badly, the pain kinda scares me I know I'm not gonna die because it happens all the time but every time that intense pain occurs and I can't take a painkiller I am always scared. I am 17, I'm scared the laparoscopy will come back clear and there will be no explanation for the pain and people will claim I am just wasting their time. I'm scared the surgery will make things worse and It will impact my school examinations lowering my grades and chances of getting into Oxford. The surgeon says cause I'm more thin there's a greater chance he could puncture my aorta, I don't want to die, I just want to know why I am in pain for people to not think I'm insane

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I’m so sorry you’re in such a panic, please don’t be. The laparoscopy is a common procedure, most of us here have had multiple - I’ve had three. You will wake with pain in your shoulders and chest from the CO2 they pump into your abdomen so don’t panic. It will pass. Try not to worry about what they will or won’t find, although I can totally relate to really wanting ‘somethig’ To be found to prove it’s not all in your head.

After the procedure be sure to rest, the consultant should see you before you go home and explain if he found anything.

Also, remember that even if they find mild endo, that can be more painful that stage 4 endo - nobody will be judging you or thinking your being dramatic, pelvic pain is horrible - I really hope all goes well x

Hi there, your consultant is obliged to tell you the risks of surgery but they are sooooo minimal. I’ve had major worry with each of my consultant appointment and all 3 of my laparoscopies that he’s going to tell me I’m making it up. I thing I will say is they have Never said that. Please realise these consultants understand the pain we all go through and spend there lives trying to help. If there isn’t endometriosis there then they can try and find something to ease the pain etc you are experiencing. You are young and there are options.

Good luck with your future and never lose hope with your plans.

Best wishes

They always have to warn you about the very worst case scenario and it can be so scary. I was terribly underweight when I had my first laparoscopy - I’d been so ill my weight had dropped to a point where I was probably a UK size 4 and I was fine. The worst immediate effect was the pain from the CO2 gas build up under my ribs (as WhatToDo77 says) which often surgeons don’t warn you about. For my 2nd and 3rd laparoscopies a nurse gave me a couple of drops of peppermint oil in a mug of warm water to drink and that really really helped. You can buy edible peppermint oil from Holland and Barrett (just make sure it’s the food grade one not body massage oil). Best of luck getting a diagnosis, sorting out a treatment plan, and enjoying life at university. x X x

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