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So very tired of hurting

Hi All

Hope you are having a tolerable pain today. Just needed to say to someone, 'you know what? I'm not okay, I'm not fine.'

Had my ovaries removed in Feb and on HRT to combat menopausal symptoms. Pain is worse and had spread to hips, thighs, pelvis and back. I'm so tired of hurting all the time, biting my cheek so I don't cry, of lying and saying I'm fine. To those people who casually say 'I don't know how you do it?', I want to say 'what choice do I have?' But I won't because that's mean.

Sometimes it I think it would be easier if I forgot to breathe. But I will remember and I will keep going, because what choice do I have?

Wishing you the best of everything

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Thinking of you. I have moments when I don't feel strong enough to cope with it those are the days you need to put you first and rest. You will feel better again if not in body then in mind. Thinking of you on your low days ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Don't worry all will be well just have faith in yourself that you will be able to bear this challenge and the pain will soon start to subside , try joining a yoga or Pilates club some people say it works by stretching


Oh, so sad to read this. I also have some very bad days and have been thinking that life is just to cruel and pain is too much... but then comes better day and I feel that life is worth living and everything will be OK.

For endometriosis, the most important thing is to find a very, very good specialist. Keep changing if you are not happy. If your ovaries are removed, how can you still have so much pain? May your HRT dosage is too high? I have heard that 6 months after the operation, we shouldn't get any HRT to let endometriosis to die out. If you have adhesions from last operations, you can also cut those out with a skillful surgeon.

Maybe it is time to see somebody who can really help with that pain???

Please keep strong and optimistic!


My heart goes out to you. Its a vicious circle of pains and operations and doctors who don't understand and society that doesn't know and feels that womens problems are taboo. I found nutritional supplements and advice helpful, yoga moves, EFT tapping acupressure points to help relieve the pain and I'm putting together a whole programme of help. Please email me on Sophia.mcewen@gmail.com and Ill send what Ive got so far. Its not easy making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle but it supports your body in its own healing and if it takes the pain away then its a small price to pay I feel. Every good wish to you.


Hi eviearl, I'm sorry you are struggling at the moment.

Do you go to your GP to discuss your pain and see what you options are. I totally sympathise with you, it's horrid when the pain is everywhere.

Do you really need to tell people in your life you are fine when you are not? I never try and hide it, if someone asks me how I am I just say actually my ovaries are really bothering me today, or I feel like I'm being stabbed and my insides are falling out. I often tell people I'm having a horrid period and have to rush to the toilet every 10 mins. I know it sounds silly but just not trying to hide things really helps me to manage.

If you tell people what's really going on most of them are really understanding. I often find myself rocking with the pain and I walk funny too! If I talk to people it saves them from wondering what on earth is going on with me too. Sometimes I am really grumpy just because I'm in pain and I would rather others know that and not just think I'm being a grumpy cow.

I hope things get better for you very soon xx


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