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Update after 1 year lap - helpful info


Hi ladies

I know a lot of you ask questions regarding after the lap, how your symptoms are and how long it takes to grow back etc. Everyone is different but I just thought I would quickly let you know how mine has been in case you can relate or want to ask questions.

I’m 25, had painful periods since 12, got diagnosed last year had my first lap last October. I had it all over my womb, both my ovaries, bladder and in my ligaments. She cleaned it all out, she did tell me to go on the pill or coil to slow down the growth, I chose not to. After my 4th period things started to get better, still had pain but It wasn’t as bad as before, it was manageable which was nice. Paracetamol was enough to take the pain away. But since July this year the pain started coming back, and since then I have had painful periods like I used to, really bad flare ups randomly to the point I’m literally passing out. So I went and saw her a few weeks ago she did a scan and said it’s grown back starting on my ovaries. She wants me to go on the pill from next week and then see her 6 weeks to do another scan and see if that has calmed it down. But honestly since the scan to now I can feel it has grown back aggressively. So il wait till I start the pill and take it from there. That’s just an update if anyone had any questions or worries! Hope this helps xx

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