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Hi guys

I had my second lap yesterday, but have some symptoms worse than before! The gas pain is definitely worse (treating it with heat and warm drinks) but I just wondered if anyone has ever felt the gas inside them? I keep getting a crackly popping feeling, which is bad when I breathe in there is almost a hard loud pop in my diaphragm. Did anyone also find the gas etc made them feel nauseated and short of breath? I keep losing my breath quite easily when getting up or talking for long? Grateful if anyone can relate as I'm a bit worried about the popping feeling when I breathe and the shortness of breath.



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Peppermint tea is supposed to help relieve this pain...its super horrid. Take painkillers regularly too itll take a day or so to subside, hope you feel better soon x

Thanks for the reply, I'm managing it I was just worried about be shortness of breath and the popping sensation when I breathed in that's all, hopefully it'll go in a day or two. Thank you so much xx

I felt like this after my second lap, like I was struggling to breathe, the nurse gave me peppermint water and that helped massively xxx

Thanks janine xx

Try Buscopan worked for me as well as peppermint capsules x

I had the popping feeling when I took deep breaths in I took windeez and drank cooled boiled water, it didn't always help but when it did it was a release. I tend to get the popping when I layed down so I tried to sleep in an up right position xx

I also had the shoulder pain in my right shoulder, when I came round in recovery my o2 levels were very low so I had to keep doing deep breaths!!!

Then again on the ward, my levels were 80% & they like them up in the high 90's!! I however was constipated for 5days post lap! I think it effects everyone differently & im sure in a few days your slowly feel more like your self again! Try to move around slowly as movements encourages the gas to find a way out, I found walking good! Slow but good x

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