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Op cancelled 😭

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With less than 12 hours to go until I was scheduled in I got a call from an on call registrar to tell me my operation is cancelled. Am beyond devastated having mentally got myself to a place where I was ready for this.

Have people had similar experiences? If so, was your wait for being rescheduled long? Since first referral I’ve been waiting 11 months now, and my operation I’ve had this date for for 3 months. I’m terrified this will happen again now. I had time off work etc everything. I now have to sort all that out, on top of dealing with it not actually happening. Been lots of tears!

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Hey my lap got cancelled when it was supposed to be like the 12th July and was rescheduled for the 31st July so it wasn’t a long wait.

Unfortunately surgeries get cancelled for whatever reason xxx

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