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Ovarian cystecomy


Hey guys hope you are all having a pain free evening!

Just a bit of info needed or advise anyone can throw my way after having a ovarian cyst ( cystecomy) and insertion of marina coil at the same time during surgery, I will be having a lap soon to perform the above and wondered if anyone had this done and what’s the recovery time or if you had to stay in hospital for a day or two? Got my appointment next Friday to schedule in surgery so of course I am googling a lot!!!!!!’ Thanks guys x

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My friend had her ovaries removed around 4 weeks ago. She was in hospital for 2 nights then home to rest for 6 weeks. I had a lap in march where they removed a large cyst drom my ovary and clean me all inside, i was in for 1 night. I was 6 weeks off work but it took me a good few months to feel the benefit.

They tend to give you and epidural plus the anaesthetic as it helps with pain when you waken. You will be absolutely fine mrs xx

Dee1345 in reply to JenBrown1983

Thanks Jenbrown1983 I am hoping they can do it by laparoscopic surgery in that case I will be in and out as a day patient. I don’t like the thought of staying in hospital over night or a few days but I suppose the doctor know best and I wouldn’t want to argue it 😂😂 hope your friend is on the mend xx

JenBrown1983 in reply to Dee1345

Mine was keyhole and my friends was keyhole. Be prepared for an overnight mrs, especially if you get the epidural too. They had to do constant obs for 24 hours after mine. I thought i would be out same day and was gutted i had to stay. However after the op i realised theres no way i could go home xx

Hey I had this very same thing in October last year. I just wondered how youve found the coil after having had the cyst removed?

I've found it pretty horrible - really bad cramps and awful acne.

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