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Back pain


Hey everyone

I’m still waiting for my first appointment to see what stage my endometriosis is at.

I’ve been getting terrible pain on the right side of my lower back and sometimes it’s spreads down to my leg and it’s starting to affect the way I’m getting around! Can anybody tell me if this pain is down to endometriosis and if so does anybody have any advice please.

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I completely sympathise with you. I get exactly the same. Currently laid up in bed with a hot water bottle on my back cause no pain killers help. I get a sciatic pain down my left leg and this happens in the lead up to my period and last month I got it just after my period ended. I’m waiting for a second opinion as I was diagnosed with endometriosis 7 years ago but the consultant I saw in March this year doesn’t see the point in doing another lap on me cause of my age and cause it will just ‘grow back anyway’😡hope your lap helps you xx

LittleLady7 in reply to Louboo78

Thank you for your reply! I hope everything goes well for you! x

Hmmm i have this problem and thought it was endo related then had lap last july and nothing was found.

Sent to a gastro and was told ibs which i do have but i keep that under control by being gluten dairy free so knew it wasnt that she sent me for a xray and mri and it showed a bulgey disc which was sitting on sciatic nerve hence leg pain.

I have been seeing a osteo since and pains gone!

LittleLady7 in reply to Lulububs

Thank you for replying. Glad to hear you are no longer in pain

Hi I get this on left side mainly leading up to when I should have a period (I don’t bleed as have the coil) I’m undiagnosed but when I saw gynaecologist she thinks I unfortunately have endo and sciatica so has referred me back to GP for the latter. I’m convinced it’s to do with endo as very cycle related but I did have a time (6weeks) where it was constant.

Sorry I can’t be much help. I feel for you.

Good luck with everything x

LittleLady7 in reply to vmagpie

Thanks for the reply. Sounds exactly what I am going through. The pain sometimes is unbearable. Good luck with everything as well x

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