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Endometriosis and lower back pain 🤔


Hello ladies,

Does anyone experience lower back pain with Endometriosis?

My consultant has confirmed that my Endometriosis has returned because an MRI found a large cyst and fibroids so I’m waiting to see a specialist but in the last couple of months my lower back has become increasingly painful. I thought it might be the way I’ve slept or my office chair but it’s getting worse.

Can lower back pain be a symptom of Endometriosis?

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Yes... definately .. mine started with lower back pain and it was from that pain that lead me to diagnosis xx


Yes, lower back pain is one of my worst symptoms. It can be extremely painful and stops me from sleeping. Basically if I'm in any position for more than 30 mins, I start to get this deep, heavy pain that I find very difficult to tolerate.

I have a bit of a complicated situation with endo and fibroids. I've got a large (15cm) fibroid that's sitting behind my womb in my pouch of douglas. It has endo inside it, and so it will get all inflamed and flare up.it's especially bad the week before my period but tbh it's sore all the time. I've been told surgery to remove it would likely require a hysterectomy because of how complex mine is so instead they're suggesting zoladex but I'm looking at alternatives. (I'm going to start bio identical progesterone cream in a few days, it can completely shrink fibroids 🤞🏻).

The things that help my pain is... Seeing a chiropractor regularly. My alignment a mess due to the pain and pressure of everything inside. It's helped me so much. I used to get crippling hip pain along with this but I rarely get than now. I would highly recommend this.

Gentle yoga is my lifesaver. I've been doing yoga about 3 years now so I'm able to just listen to my body and do things that will help. I find forward folds are great for my list back and anything that stretches my sides or hips. If you're not used to yoga, I recommend yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has wonderful videos for lower back pain.

I have recently bought a tens machine. Mine is a little pen (called paingone) which you hold on the spot for 30 secs. It has really helped.

I also use red tigerbalm I find the heat from it is quite soothing.

I take codeine when it's really bad and it's preventing me from sleeping but I believe regular use of painkillers just makes everything worse so I try to not use them often.

I also meditate regularly, this stops me from throwing a tantrum about it all!


Yes I experience lower back pain too, I've got endo in my pouch of Douglas and left uretra and the majority of my pain is in my rectum, coccyx and lower back. One thing that helps enormously are voltarol suppositories, not the most glamorous things in the world but they work so much better for it that! Hope you feel some relief soon.


BethanyAnn in reply to BlueTit98

Thank you ladies, the pain in my lower back has been bad for a couple of months but the last two weeks it’s got so bad that I can’t leave the house without my next set of painkillers 😬 I’m wondering if this is a sign that the cyst they’ve found is still growing and possibly quite rapidly 🙁 I guess the increased back pain is something else to talk to the Endo specialist about next month xx

Hey, yeah it can be. I’ve been seeing a physio for about 6 months now and my lower back pain is pretty much gone xx

Hi Bethany, just out of curiosity did the cyst and fibroids show on an ultrasound or just on the MRI? My ultrasounds have been clear but getting an MRI next month.. x

Hi yes they did show although they thought the cyst on the scans was a 5cm Endometrioma and the laparoscopy I had yesterday found that it was a 4cm Dermoid Cyst which they removed with spots of Endo too. The ultrasounds and MRIs give the consultants a good understanding but they’re not completely accurate and they can miss stuff. Also they leave fibroids alone (like they did with mine) unless they’re huge as it’s more dangerous to take them out than leave them alone x

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