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Bleeding after lap - advice please

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Hello, I had a diagnostic lap (didn’t find endo - no answers!) on Wednesday and I was bleeding a tiny bit but today I have started bleeding quite a bit as if on period although I’m on the pill so I don’t think it is my period.

Is this normal and how long should I expect to bleed for? They didn’t go inside my womb just looked all around my organs for endo.

Still feel really rough with cramps and gas pain.

Thank you!


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I had my lap last week, I started bleeding a couple of days later which was like a period and it lasted 4 days x

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Islandgirl01 in reply to lizzyxx

Ah great that’s same as me! Thank you! Xx hope you’re feeling a bit brighter now

I began to bleed the evening I arrived home after my lap 6 weeks ago. It was like my period, only without the awful period pain. I was bleeding for around 1 week but it was more brown blood than the usual colour with a period. I have since had my first period after my lap last week and that lasted 8 days and I was bed bound due to the pain.

Drink lots of peppermint tea to help with the gas, the pain from the gas was a total killer for me and that lasted about 10 days! x

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