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Belly Button bleeding after lap


I had my first lap on Weds morn, it's now Sat morn & I've woken up to my belly button bleeding! A bit concerned as it was fine when I changed the dressin yesterday. Have I overstretched and split the stitches? Should I go to the docs?

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Hi Wendy, I would go to the doctors or walk in centre just to be on the safe side. They will probably say everything's fine and clean it up but its better to be safe than sorry. How are you feeling in yourself now 3 days post op.

You must have been my lucky charm as when I was writing the message to you on Wednesday I got a call from N&N with the date of my op to remove my endo, 4th January lol

Keep me posted how you are xx

That's awesome news Nicola! I'm still anxious about my results, don't even know what they did in the op. I was told before hand that they could feel a lump in my pouch of dougles which could mean deep endo and I signed consent for ablashion if there wasn't much endo.

My bleeding has stopped now, it wasn't much blood, I think I'm just trying to do too much and need to rest more. I have the docs on Mon so will mention it then. If bleeding starts again I'll call docs.

I feel ok actually, no gas pain anywhere, I was suffering from bad gas anyway before so hasn't been any worse than that. My back hurts from all the sitting though. I have an intolerance to milk and accidentally drank something with it in earlier which made me unwell (nausea/bowel movements) but ok now. Had an emotional day yesterday and finding the lack of company boring, but other than that I'm ok. Are you on Twitter?

That's good news about the bleeding stopping. You need to listen to your body and take things easy.

I know how frustrating it is not knowing the results. You might find your GP has received them by the time you go on Monday but it probably is a bit early so I would ring them after about another week to see then go and ask what the letter says.

Did you have your intolerance to milk before all this started as I also have the same problem and am also intolerant to wheat. All of which only started in this last year. Im hoping after my op because its on my bowel and ureters and other places that this will sort it out and I can get back to eating normally xx

My milk intolerance only started this year. I seem to eat bread fine but try to have gluten free whenever I can. I can't have cows milk or butter. Weirdly I'm ok with things like chocolate biscuits but chocolate on its own or powder form makes me ill. Until this year I could eat & drink whatever I liked :(

Seems weird how it just starts up. I cant eat anything with wheat im in so much pain. Cows milk ive been told im intolerant to through a York test although not convinced at the moment but also cant eat chocolate, whey powder, peas, eggs and a few other things. Lifes a bitch when you cant eat so much of your favourite stuff xx

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