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Prescribed Provera tablet


I've just had my gynaecology consultation and he has said it's highly likely I have endo. He has prescribed me Provera (Medroxyprogestrobe acetate) to take to try and see if it's makes a difference to my severe pain for 3 months and then suggested a laparoscopy if it doesn't.

I cannot have the combined pill as I've had a DVT (blood clot) before and at high risk.

Has anyone else been prescribed Provera for endo? If so, how did you get on?

Thank you for all your support, I feel better knowing we aren't alone and can share our experiences. Its sinking in that I've probably got endo and it's tough.

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Hi! nic0889

I was prescribed Provera after my Lap and I took it well and it seemed to do the trick for awhile, then after another Lap I went back on it again. It helped me but everyone is different.

I had Endo a log time ago so I am sure that research and treatments are ongoing. Good Luck

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