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To take PROVERA tablets or not?


I had excision surgery for stage 4 Endo 2 years ago. I had a baby a year ago and have been suffering with Endo symptoms again. Also diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction ( too tight) I’ve recently been to see Pelvic pain consultant at Endometriosis centre. She’s has prescribed Provera tablets, I’m so sensitive to hormones and suffer badly with anxiety that I think is influenced a lot by hormones so I’m a bit worried about taking them. Has anyone else had them and how did u get on? X

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I'm currently on 10mg 3 times a day to got so heavy prolonged bleeding, I suffer chronic pelvic pain from chronic PID and these tabs are making mg pain worse. I'm going too see GP as do not want to stay on them. I also feel a little depression on them.

Amber83 in reply to Boodie

I’ve only been given 5mg three times a day. How long have u been taking it? X

Yes commonly, you may find these pains may start up in another area as yours changed. Endo flares up, move areas as it grows new active areas once your body fights back. Sometimes the right or left ovary can be worse. More woman have problems with leftside due to the bowel and nerves to the spine. Provera I took but it made me feel weird and stressed. The thing I found was no meat cos of hormones, no food that have estrogons in. No bottled water or reheating food in PCB plastics, no histamine foods, no wheat, gluten, lactose. Relaxation, sleep, no stress, Fennel Tea for cramps and digestion. Beladona for cramp, pain and bowel movements. Merbeverine Fybogel for soft bowel movements and increase your soluble fibre intake eg. Prunes, Plums, Peaches, Carrots, Green veg, spinage, take Vit C with Vit D3, a live yogurt, Anti-histamine, Anti-imflamorty Pain Killer, Co-diadromal, Ponstan 40. TENS Machine but is does take time to tune it in to your own pain. You have been very blessed with a child if you have stage 4 Endo. Mine was that before I was 20. I have tried everything over the years, have many Opps and experience of drugs and side effects anf longterm use and shortfalls. The important things is to except the disease, live within your ability, don't try to be like I did the high flyer. It took me years to except! Remember operations cause damage as Endo does, so the fewer you have the less scar and nerve damage you will have. The drugs like Zoladex were good as rest bite for 15 yrs but it took 4 mths to ajust to. Again I had too many and at 20yrs of use had serious changes and damage to me but I have no regrets to exceptable life quality they gave in my youth . Good Luck. If I can help you with any experience or info to deal with this disease please contact me. L J x

Amber83 in reply to JOSANDY40

I know, I’m very lucky to have my beautiful daughter ❤️ my tubes weren’t affected by the Endo it was mainly POD, bowel stuck to uterus and other places.

They suggested pregnancy after my op but I feel it made things worse after, I get the worst pms along with pain, constipation during ovulation, loose stools during period, digestive issues, severe fatigue, my cycle is all over the place. I’m so worried Provera might make it worse but might make it better, I guess I’m going to have to chance it. X

JOSANDY40 in reply to Amber83

You will soon know after a few days of taking it. It wasnt for me. Look at your diet and check there is no hidden soya in products you eat! yes having a baby and the hormones will bring on the symtoms. I have experience these too. Probably Zoladex will help. Good painkillers Ponstan 40, Fennel Tea and Beladona at Health FOOD Shop. As far as your pelvic floor, orgasm will help when you have pain that doesnt mean sex and perhaps some retraining of this muscle. Good Luck and try to get others to give you enough time to get the sleep you require to function so you wont become depressed. J x

Amber83 in reply to JOSANDY40

I’ve just started taking it so fingers crossed it works for me. I’ve got pelvic Physiotherapy in October to try and relax my pelvic floor x

Ask about Prometrium . It doesn’t tend to cause mood problems as much as synthetic progestereones like Provera. It’s the same as your natural progesterone. A few women get mood problems but if you use the Prometrium vaginally( sounds gross but that’s what the French do!) the mood symptoms go away. I guess if I were you I would try Provera and if it affects you then go back and ask about Prometrium . Good luck.

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