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If it’s not a UTI, what could it be?!?


Evening ladies

After some advice; hopefully someone can help.

I had a total hysterectomy for endo two weeks ago. As is the norm I had a catheter overnight and was warned about the potential for UTI.

I am almost sure I have one. Feel like I’m desperate for a wee all the time. With some exceptions I either can’t go at all or there is just a dribble. It can be really sore too - stabbing pains.

I’m feeling these pains on top of the post op painkillers I’m taking.

I had a spare specimen bottle at home so handed in a urine sample to my GP this morning. They said they’d test it and call if there were any issues. I haven’t heard from them which could mean one of two things:

1) they haven’t tested it. Which would be annoying and surprising as they are normally very good.

2) I don’t have a UTI but have all symptoms of it and am so uncomfortable.

I will call tomorrow for a GP appointment anyway but given lots of fobbing off re endo I’m worried they’ll say it’s in my head.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any idea what it could be?!

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I dont think any of us can say what it is. You need to know if its a urine infection or not. If it isn't then it could just be things settling down but you should see your GP and take another sample with you.

Kangalou in reply to amy100

Thanks - I wasn’t asking for a diagnosis - I was asking if anyone has experienced similar before and it wasn’t a UTI. There’s quite a few posts on here where no one can give a definitive answer either way.... this is just another...

Hbby18 in reply to Kangalou

Hi there. I was recently diagnosed with a UTI. I say if you feel like you have one then you probably do. My doc said no based off my quick test for uti but later called me after my culture showed bacteria. So... it took 24 hrs for me to get a diagnosed.

Kangalou in reply to Hbby18

Thank you - that’s really helpful. I hadn’t realised that there were tests other than the dip test.

Hbby18 in reply to Kangalou

Yep the more in depth test used a microscope to diagnose. Then they were also able to test and see that my antibiotic killed off the bacteria. I am on day 7 of antibiotic and still feel a little urgency to go when I don’t have to but doc says my bladder is and will be inflamed for a little longer.

If it’s not a uti could you have Endo on your bladder? I heard it can mimic symptoms of a uti.

Kangalou in reply to Hbby18

Aw thank you - I’m glad you’re feeling better, hope the last of the symptoms go away soon.

Hey I had sort of the same thing after my lap in November. I need to pee constantly but sometimes only a dribble will come out (need to push really hard, sorry tmi). When my bladder is full like in the morning it is really painful, like my bladder is cramping/ spasming. Ive had a since the lap and its not gone away yet, personally I think I have endo on my bladder too which they didnt see during the lap. It doesnt feel like a UTI to me as I have had a few in the past and its a different sensation and pain. In your circumstances though since you had a catheter it can make your bladder "lazy". Did the nurses check you had peed enough within the hour of it being taken out? I would also phone the gp tomorrow and ask about the specimen, I know regulations changed recently in regard to dip testing urine and could only be done if the person had clinical signs of an infection like a temperature so it might be the nurse wasnt actually allowed to do it. If they sent to straight to the labs it will take a few days, before when this has happened my doctor would give me an antibiotics in the mean time while waiting on results. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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