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Endometrioma on ovary


I had a hysterectomy last year but kept my ovaries. I had an endometrioma removed from my right ovary during the surgery but it was back within a couple of months. I had a trial on the combined pill to see if it would help with the pain which it did. At my last gynae appointment I had finished the pill 3 days previously and the consultant wanted me to continue on the pill but changed it to progesterone only pill which I started taking the following day. I had begun getting the ovary pain back before starting on the new pill and two weeks later I am still experiencing this pain. Has anyone had any similar experiences using progesterone only pill? Do you think I just need to give it more time or should I go to my GP and ask to go back on the combined pill? I'm in training for a half marathon which is in 8 weeks and this has really set me back. ☹️

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I have no advice but I am curious what this sort of thing feels like?

I have had sharp right side pain since my op last year, they think it’s the bowel but I have also been told I have a bulky ovary on that side.

I am really into martial arts so understand the frustration. I try to do “yoga with Adrienne” YouTube videos everyday so I still feel like I’m doing something if I’m skipping training. I also made a post recently about swimming. Some people have said it can be useful as it takes the pressure off.

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