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Bleeding from bottom!


Hi. I am new to this but not to endo, unfortunately. Had 6 laps. 1 opherectomy and have always found endo in pouch. This lap showed no endo but i am very symptomatic and its getting me down. For 8 months i have been bleeding from my bottom but only when on a period. Pain is terrible and so deep and im losing clots. I have a sigmoidoscopy on Thursday but cannot understand if in bowel, why no evidence of penetration through bowel on recent lap? I know i should just wait but 23 years of crap periods. Infertility and pain. Fed up.

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I am really sorry to hear you are suffering and feeling so fed up. Please do not feel alone, in addition to the forum we also have our helpline and support groups if you ever need anyone to talk to:

Best Wishes

M Mary

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