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Hormone injections?

Dear Ladies

Luckily I have never had particularly painful periods and they have been regular since I started at 14. But this year I have had periodic chronic abdominal pain and was diagnosed with a 5cm endemetriotic cyst on my right ovary. I had a laparoscopy two weeks ago where they removed the cyst (it burst during surgery so recovery is taking longer than expected). They also discovered moderate endometriosis on the right side and burnt it away. I'm meeting with a doctor on 8th Jan and they have told me I will need hormone injections to temporarily induce the menopause for three months followed by continuous use of the pill. The hormones will give me side effects of the menopause. I am already suffering with depression and on medication for it and I also suffer with migraines. I am particularly worried about the side effects giving more depression. Also I'm wondering if this treatment is the best option anyway. They have removed the endo they found and now the cyst has also been removed I'm assuming I won't be in pain as I've never particularly suffered with my periods in general. I am 40 and haven't given up hope of having a baby at some point although as I'm not currently with a partner I think the doctors assume it's not an issue. I was also told that my age is more of a factor than the endo in getting pregnant so to be induced into an infertile state for several months is a bit of a confusing option.

Has anyone had this treatment? Would you recommend it? How were the side effects? Any help would be gratefully received. I'm trying to get as much feedback so I can have an informed discussion with the doctor in January.

All the best x

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Hello there lovely - im sorry to hear what you've been going through :(

I started on zoladex injections around 4 months ago i think? I was exceptionally worried as I couldnt find much information online. When i went to my first appointment i actually went in with the intention of, "im discussisng this further with the doctor and not having it done."

But I did, and im very glad I did. I kept track of my symptoms so I could give an informative answer should anyone ask ahah.

so my first injection itself didnt hurt to have, but stung like i dont know what the rest of the night. Impressive bruise too! For the first week my symptoms were worse, The pain was bad and i got a REALLY (tmi) weird "bleed" - not really a bleed more like black gunk. nurse said it was just the change in hormones.

I felt slightly fluey my first month, nothing major i was just aware of a heavy achey feeling all over. I am a person who has too suffered with depression, the second/3rd week i was really cry-ey. But again nothing major, just kept reminding myself "its not me its the injection" my partner was really supportive, and thats since passed. Final week of my first month, my injection was late due to a doctors screw up and my symptoms came back with a vengeance!!!!

This sort of reminded me how bad it had been before zoladex so i persevered. the following injections never hurt (the differewnce was the doctor pinched my fat on the others unlike the 1st injetion)

The only symptom i have had sine the 1st month is EXTREME coldness, which isnt too bad, i just get wrapped up all the time, even indoors with the heating on haha! but i would rather have this than hot flushes.

doctors also told me that symptoms dont usually arise until after the third month of injections.

knowing what i know now, i would DEFINITELY not hesitate to have these injections in the future. I had read up a few bad stories online and really overworked myself about it. The few symptoms i got definitely outweighed the pain which i was having before. I get symptoms maybe twice a week now, solved/reduced with heat bag, tens machine, and pain killers. Before i had this every single day. It was endless.

people will ALWAYS shout from the rooftops about bad experiences (human nature) yet if things are working out you dont tend to mention anything which i think accounts for there been more reports of negative experiences :)

ALSO major thing for me i didnt gain weight thankfully. I have lost then gained lost then gained. but not ever gone above my initial weight.

a lady who i work with is also on them long term and she has never had no symptoms with them. The decision is yours, but I am really glad i decided to!

I have my surgery today (knees are knocking) so i shouldnt need them no more!

good luck and let me know how you get on xxx


I had my first zoladex injection today and your reply to this post has helped to put my mind at ease a lot more, every story on here about the injections seem to be negative and really scary so thank you for some positive feedback! Xx


Hi Nicki, I have a future daughter in law, that I feel would be of help to you. The problem is, she and I do not see eye to eye, and I cannot get my son to see how this is affecting me and my daughter. She suffered with endo, and went to pain clinic ete, and since then, she has given birth to two lovely sons.

I will message them personally on an Xmas card, and see if she would be up to offering advice on here in the near future. Meanwhile, I do wish you well, and hope your symptons improve greatly.

Take care, and hope you have a pain free, and fun Christmas.




Hi Nicki I have endo stage 4 fibroids etc. Doctor gave me zoladex 10.8 mg 3 month injection . I have felt totally fine . I had 2 hot flushes so far which was a warm sensation then it dissappeared . I was very worried about side effects but nothing to date . No pain or bleeding . Hope this helps . Not sure if it has shrunk fibroids or reduced endo but will update . Take care Jenny x


Thank you all so much for your replies and responses. I didn't realise anyone had replied till just now so sorry for a delay in thanking you. It really helps to hear a positive story about the hormone injections. I went to my GP yesterday as I realised my first appointment at the hospital was with a nurse to start the treatment without a consultation with a doctor so she is arranging for me to have a proper appointment to discuss my options which makes me feel a lot better. Thank you so much for all the support here! It really means a lot. Happy new year everyone and I hope 2015 is pain free! x


Just wanted to update you lovely ladies who were kind to respond. I saw a surgeon yesterday and it's different to what I had been told. He said I need Zoladex for 6 months followed by another laparoscopy. I asked him my best chances for fertility and he said "5 years ago!" like it was all a joke so I didn't really like him much and I'm wondering why the treatment option has changed from 3 months, the pill and no operation to 6 months followed by an op. I also asked about my existing conditions of depression and migraine and he said they would both definitely get worse. I wish I'd seen the woman who operated on me instead of this doctor although he is the consultant in charge of the whole department. I don't know what to do now! But it seems like I don't really have a choice x


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