Post laparoscopy advice required

Hi, I had my second lap 10 days ago, the first was really just a look and cyst removal, but this one was an overnight stay, and removal of lots of endo, ovary and fallopian tube, and a mirena coil fitted  Instead of one night stay, I was in for 5 days. 

 My initial post op advice was rest for 48 hours then return to normal duties.  Is this realistic.  I'm an emotional mess, but I have made a massive improvement.  Some people have been telling me not to lift heavy items/hoover/ stretch too much, but I'm not sure what I should or shouldn't be doing?  Any ideas??  I don't want to do any damage, or as my dear old gran would have said 'do myself a mischeif'!!!! Lol

I'm still on paracetamol reqularly and diclofenac periodically, but not needing the tramadol now. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks :D

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  • Hi , take things easy Hun , you've had a lot done so be easy on yourself. Having said that you know your own body, it will tell you if you're doing to much. Take care.

  • Thanks, yes I know what you mean - my body did let me know in no uncertain terms that I'd done a bit much today!  Will make sure I listen to it.  Thanks for your reply x

  • Sweetie, you've had major surgery. Even if it was keyhole, it's major surgery. I had endo bowel surgery on 18 April and I've been declared unfit to work thus far and will go back to work on Monday. That's 3 weeks. It was my 3rd lot of surgery and it's the longest recovery. Everyone is different. Each espisode of surgery is different. Your body is concentrating on repairing damage from the op so you will feel exhausted until your energy diverts from repairing you and back to normal daily activities. And your poor hormones will be all over the place. Be kind to yourself; rest up and take it easy. Remember, the surgeons have punctured your tummy muscles in a few places and it needs time to repair and for your internal bits to feel comfortable in their new location- you've had bits removed. So, no hoovering and no heavy lifting even though you know you can do it. It's just gives everything a better chance to heal without extra strain. You won't necessarily know if you've caused a bit of damage by hoovering. But it risks creating unnecessary extra scar tissue (adhesions) and if you read posts here about adhesions, you know it's something we all need to try to minimise and avoid. Take it easy and hope you're soon feeling 110%! X 

  • Thanks for your reply - yikes, I don't want any adhesions so will listen to my body and take it easy for sure.  Gldad you are on the mend, but make sure you follow your own advice and don't go back until you are ready xxx

  • Hi I had my lap 12 days ago, I had my ovary and Fallopian tube removed and my bowel was stuck to my pelvic wall.

    I was told I could return to work after 2 weeks but really don't feel able to do that pain is much better but as soon as I do too much such as light house work the pain is terrible.I think our bodies heal in their own time & we are all different I'm going to listen to my body and if it hurts I'm sure that's because we are not ready to do that yet.

    I too am an emotion wreck but I was expecting that as I now have no ovaries but have started on homeopathy remedies so hope that will help.

    Take care and do what's right for you x

  • I'm in the same boat, April had lap no3 to remove chocolate cyst and adhesions. Woke up minus right ovary and tube too. Recovery hospital said 1week. No chance though as stitches came out a week later and I was so sore and in pain. Been signed off for another two weeks, in total 5 weeks now. 

    Everyone is different, hence recovery will be different for everyone. I would definitely agree avoid strenuous tasks ie hoovering. Listen to your body, also moods are up and down hence at times emotional. Just take it easy. 

  • Thank you for your reply, that reminded me that I too had a chocolate cyst.  Sounds nice, but I'm sure it's not as tasty as it sounds!  I hope you feel better soon.  I am coming up two weeks post op and signed off for a third, but am so sore when I move around, and tried and failed the hovering.  I think you're right about it being an individual experience.  Thanks for your advice xxx

  • Thank you for your reply.  Sorry to hear you're still in pain, but you should definitely not go back to work until you are fully fit.  Hopefully the homeopathy remedies will help xxx

  • Rest honey!!! Nurses orders... wink wink.... work will cope without you. You know they will they always do! 

    I'm 4 weeks post op and due to constant chest infections been back and forth to work... then bed... etc. Was starting to feel so much better this week but as usual a few days post antibiotics and I start to struggle and cough again. Today however not only has my cough returned but I have had some severe pain where my bowls were detached from everything... it's exactly the same pain I had post op and I am spotting?!?! 

    Proves it does take weeks to heal and that rushing back would only do you more harm!  Xx

  • Well hello!  Nice to hear from you. Sorry youre still suffering.  My consultant did say I could be off up to six weeks and that would be ok due to the tinkering about.

    I hope you start to Iimprove too.  U are in a tough position work wise but I hope that they are being kind to you.  Take it easy too. What a nightmare isn't it?  And because people can't see this like they would see a limp or plaster cast,  they forget what's going on in side x 

  • Yes I'm on a tough spot work wise... went back 2 days this week and hated it so much, I keep getting the crap... can't see what I need as have no online access so going in blind, they have me racing from one area to the next, argh.... I have signed up with a driving agency who may be able to get me some driving work and I have taken more time to go out with Paul. Next text is in 2 weeks...

    I'm fine with the driving, just got to be carefulif if I get work in the next few weeks that means I have to handball loads... 

    The hospital will see if I can see my consultant earlier that 2 weeks, I'm tender today but the bleeding has stopped. I slept well although had to get up 3 times as busting, on little fluids... I took more steroids too last night and my chest feels the best it has on weeks... was sweating like a trooper... and kept getting leg cramps... it was so bizarre.  Maybe my bosses last ditch attempt to get rid of the crap! Lol

    We will see... hugs honey xxxx

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