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Everyone expects me to be better???


I’ve had an AWFUL year so far... miscarriage, severe endo diagnosis and 2 operations. AND Zoladex treatment...

I’m just over 3 weeks post excision surgery and although physically i feel fantastic my head can’t quite keep up. I’ve been through so much and although I want to get back to normal I worry I’m doing it all too quick because people want Katie back.

I have good days and bad days. Today I’ve done well and tried to stay positive but I may have a bad day and feel I shouldn’t.

Has anyone been through the same? X

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Hi Kittykat8989,

I understand completely! Please don't ever feel guilty about having a bad day as you have been through such a stressful traumatic experience for a long time, and you are still going through it. All our experiences change us. We can't be positive all the time and I know sometimes we feel we have to put on a brave face so others won't feel bad. Allow yourself to feel what you do, when you do. It's normal and healthy.

Take care and we are all here for you, whatever you are feeling - whether you are having good or bad days.


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Big hugs you your body has gone through so much. I think mentally it took well over a year or two to get over my ectopic and all the following surgery etc. The hope and loss is overwhelming. Give yourself and be honest with your partner.

Good luck and best wishes with your future xx

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