Does Endometriosis make everyone hormonal? Or is it just me?

Does Endometriosis make everyone hormonal? Or is it just me?

Im newly diagnosed and starting to take more notice of my body and how i feel I've started to notice when i start getting sore i feel sick almost like morning sickness and then Im an emotional wreck snappy crying shouting weeping and over nothing today i picked a row over a tuna sandwich i know its stupid and completely ridiculous but at the time it was the end of the world as i knew it i think i always thought i was just a mean person at times but i finally realise its hormonal and i seem to loose my rationality and myself leaving me left not only with the guiltt of not being entirely useful at home aswell as guilt for being completely unacceptably difficult and abrasive to the people i love.

Endometriosis has sneaky ways of bringing me to my knees but now i know i can prepare for it i guess xx

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  • Hi...for years before i knew i had this condition..i was very hormonal.i was evil pure evil!!

    Its only the fact that i got so poorly and now i am on zoladex injection along with hrt that i feel like a new injection is monthly and when its due about week before i start getting niggly and feel evil! Hormones are horrible..

  • Hi 24endo

    Are you on any meds? I used to suffer really bad with nausea that like you say was like morning sickness, I'm on an anti nausea tablet called prochlerazine that helps loads, it was especially cruel as before I got diagnosed I had been ttc for 5 years and every time I got 'morning sickness' I got false hope

    Lilly x

  • Hi, no you are not alone. I'm actually on Anti D's but have been making notes for the last few months and my 'low/bonkers' phases always seem to be around the same time every month. I am completely irrational looking back but at the time I feel the most justified person in the world and it is nearly always my husband who gets it in the neck. He is not one to back down so it always ends in a huge blow out. Ridiculous really. Your tuna outburst made me smile as mine was a car tow bar three days ago. I kid you not. I was all ready to throw in the towel on my 14 yrs of marriage and three kids over a tow bar. Now it sounds positively hilarious. At the time I would have died for the cause. Yep, nuts. Hormones are VERY powerful things I think we take it too lightly at times. A rant and moan to female friends or my Sister/Mum usually makes things a million times better. Don't suffer in silence, get it off your chest. It is theraputic. Hugs xx

  • Hi thanks for honesty made me feel 100% better I've just finished 6 months zoladex with hrt and amitriptylne and started provera which hasn't kicked in yet your story reminded me of thursday when my lovely husband bought chinese home as a treat and I went berserk because he'd dished up and I wanted to so I walked out thinking leaving husband and kids was the only answer. Went back and straight to bed

    (Sulking) back to 'normal' now(till the next time) but my dinners still in the micowave!

  • Hi Welcome to the upside down world of Endo,I often felt murderess to collegues,then other times felt like hugging them.Have they started you on hormones,its the early days and they dont always get it right first time,I found taking B6 as well helped me.Love the red shoes,there is a naughty rhyme about Red Shoes but I wont't repeat it.Crystalgirl

  • Hi, i feel exactly the same. I have just finished a six month course of decapeptyl injections, which were just starting to help with my pain. I had my last one nearly 4 weeks ago and feel so grumpy. I am irritated with the world right now. I'm sorry this doesn't help you, but i am in the same boat as

  • Thank you to everyone who replied Im on no medication as ttc other than dihydracodine for pain Im not entirely sure if its just early days pressure and frustration and exhaustion as i struggled to eat or sleep so far this week but i definitely feel my hormones running wild when i stop and take notice gotta try and not give myself anymore to feel bad or guilty about just can't seem to get a grip wish i didn't turn into the devil out of nowhere xx

  • hi 24endo

    I had a big op in march to have fibroids and an ovary and cyst removed...I had 4 weeks respite after op and since have been in constant pain with hormonal turmoil to the point of nearly breaking up with my BF. I have to wait till my notes reach my hospital so they can check if I still have the mirena coil...but I feel it causes more hormonal dysfunction...I want answers and I aint gonna give up badgering my GP and the consultant for answers. hope u get to the bottom of urs...X

  • Yes it's soooo normal. I feel tired emotional and snappy for about 2 weeks out of the month every month. Sometimes I cannot go to work as if anyone speaks to me I will just burst into trears. I wasnt always like that I am quite a sturdy person. I was very hormonal after my first lap surgery, my periods were all over the place and so was my mood! Hopefully after a few months your hormones should settle down a bit x

  • Me too, infact it was the one symptom that made me think (years ago, even before i noticed any pain) that something wasn't right with me. Having mood swings is an understatement really for me, because i can get so sad and very angry and frustrated , and I have had this since i can remember. Sometimes I cant be around people because I know Im that close to snapping at something stupid, or crying for that matter, its just not worth putting myself in that situation. Its defiantly hormonal because the other weeks I am like a different person who can cope with anything. Not sure if anyone agrees but this side of the illness is just as bad if not worse sometimes as any pain or bleeding.

  • Yes I get very very emotional and always feel like it is just me and I am horrible, I find it so hard to control hormones and emotions and I am glad it is not just me. I am only on Naproxen for my pain and Amitriptyline for my bladder issues otherwise it makes me think why am I so hormonal easily?

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