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What to expect after surgery

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Hi all,

I’m due to have excision surgery and hysterectomy next month with a BSGE accredited surgeon at a private hospital and wondering what happens afterwards. I’m scheduled for a 2 night stay but beyond that I have no idea what to expect. If anyone has any experience of this I’d love to know a bit more about after care. Are there likely to be follow up consultations? Will there be someone to contact with post surgery queries etc or is it a case of having the surgery and being discharged to care of GP? I don’t feel very well prepared in terms of the operation itself or the aftercare and just hoping things turn out okay.

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Hey honey

I had my surgery last Saturday. I did stay in for two nights and although very tender still, my pain was manageable. Not going to say this will be the case for you but I needed a bit of help going to the bathroom for the first day.

I got sent home with dressings and the mixture of pain meds they had adjusted to meet my needs as well as contact info for the hospital for any concerns. You will mainly get nurse care whilst at the hospital unless they are concerned about anything.

My follow up with my consultant isn't for another week yet.

I'd suggest washing your hair the day of. It took me a good few days after getting home before I was ok to get into a shower 🤣. Lots of face cloths so you can have a good sink wash.

Have you got plenty of loose clothing? Assuming you'll have a belly button incision it's best to not have trousers pressing against you as you want to feel comfy. The first time I changed my dressings I was a little shocked by my belly as it looked a bit scarier than my others. This is apparently completely normal so don't panic.

Plan for at least two weeks off work. My pain has gone pretty much completely but I'm still struggling to keep my eyes open for a full day tbh and every once in a while I'm reaching for some pain meds (not too often though). Paracetamol has been my best friend

Get lots of food in! I get super hungry super quickly and haven't stopped eating since I got home. Get some bits in that will keep you happy and just be patient with yourself

I'm so sorry, editing this as I totally didn't see the part about hysterectomy. Gosh I'm so sorry I'm such a dummy. I only saw excision surgery 🙄

You must have thought I was mad suggesting two weeks off!

I hope someone gives you a much better response than me and that everything goes amazing for you xxxxxxxxx

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Puffling1 in reply to LouiseC83

Thank you so much Louise those are exactly the kinds of things I’m wanting to find out about and some great tips too.

The hospital is 4 hours away from me so I’m a bit worried about the journey home after the op and also attending follow ups which I hadn’t realised might be so soon afterwards. I’m guessing recovery will take a while but I’ve no idea how long what to expect re managing long car journeys x

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LouiseC83 in reply to Puffling1

Have you got someone to take you home after? That does seem far away but I would honestly see if someone could take you there and back to be on the safe side? I know it's not always possible though. Especially with covid. I had to get tested then self isolate for the days on the run up to my surgery so I drove myself down on the Saturday and my car remained there until Sunday the week after. But the hospital is less than 15 minutes away from me so it wasn't too bad

Also my follow up is a virtual appointment so maybe you could ask for that instead of face to face? At least for the first one?


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Puffling1 in reply to LouiseC83

Yes I’m going to isolate at home beforehand and then I’m being driven there and back so no driving myself which is good. It’s a relief to hear follow ups might be face to face and I’ll definitely ask for that option now I know. Thank you!

It was a relief finally finding out whats being going on all these years and that I could have surgery but now that the op is looming I’m starting to worry about the practicalities of it all and also if surgery will even go ahead as COVID rates rise.

I hope you’re recovering okay. It must be a relief to have the worst of it over now x

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LouiseC83 in reply to Puffling1

That's really good to hear you have someone taking you and bringing you back and I really hope it does go ahead for you 🙏

It definitely means a lot to know what's been going on with me. I feel like I've been going mad all this time

Recovery is slow, and I'm really not the most patient person in the world either. Not the easiest combination along with going stir crazy! But I'm not good at relaxing. Really not had much choice though as going to bed at 7 and falling asleep shortly after has become the norm these days.

It's natural to feel anxious about it and what's going to happen after. I had all of that but once you're in there and it's done, it'll become irrelevant trust me. You'll just be focused on recovering xxx

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Puffling1 in reply to LouiseC83

Sorry to hear recovery is slow, it must be frustrating. I hope things get much quickly xxx

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LouiseC83 in reply to Puffling1

Thank you 💖

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. When is the surgery? X

Thank you! It’s the end of November x

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635703 in reply to Puffling1

Hey lovely,

glad you got some answers from us. But why not call someone at the private hospital about follow ups and how it all works practically at their end.

It’s so important to know these facts beforehand to help calm your nerves and to enable you to mentally prepare.

It’s hard and writing it down can help you get your head around it all.

All the best!

Oh change your sheets, clean your home, get homemade meals in the freezer, set up a comfy chair or spot with a table and tv controls, reading books and any hobbies. Think about what to pack in your hospital bag.

Lots of love and let us know how you’re getting on ☺️ Because that will help others facing the same op.

Hi There, great post! I’m awaiting the same surgery so gathering as much info as possible so this is really helpful. A few people have suggested to me getting dungarees and baggy jumper dresses with long warm socks 1 or 2 sizes larger that you would normally wear as you do t want anything tight on the tummy. Also getting clothes out for a few days after you return so you don’t have to rely on someone else for everything! I had surgery a few years ago to remove endo (emergency appendectomy which was stuck down). I remember my Dad picking me up and driving like a madman to get me home which was very stressful. The seatbelt was uncomfortable so I’d recommend taking a soft pillow to act as a barrier between you and the seatbelt for your long journey. Maybe even take two so you can put the seat back and lay down?! Good luck, hope all goes well x

Some great ideas there. I’ll definitely make sure I have a couple of pillows for the journey. Sorry you’re having to have this surgery too. It’s all a bit nerve wracking isn’t it Thank you and good luck for your surgery too x

Hi had my hysterectomy on Monday ... recovery is going well I had op nhs in private hospital.... was well looked after I only stayed one night after theatre returned to room plenty of pain relief.. take the laxative if they offer it if not ask for some .. you won't regret it 😉 they removed the catheter after lunch on Tuesday I managed a wee on my own (our hospital asks for 2 wees and they scan your bladder twice to make sure its emptying properly) I was then shown how to give injections for blood clots they are easy to do on your own you hardly feel the needle just sting a little afterwards. My nurse went through my medication was given oramorph codeine (paracetamol from home ) and sennacot everything was explained really well I was given spare dressings and advice on wound care (I have 4 cuts one in my belly button 3 on bikini line ) I can contact the ward if I have any problems in the next few days after that I need to contact gp.

I have a sick note for 3 weeks after that once again it contact gp .

I get a follow up face to face app with surgeon in 6 to 8 weeks .

I'm on day 4 now and I'm doing OK just get plenty of rest if you need to know anything else just message me

Hope it goes well for you 🙏😊

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Puffling1 in reply to Pb1970

It’s lovely to hear your recovery is going so well!

I wasn’t anticipating a catheter or the injections. How long do you need to inject for? Did you have excision surgery at the same time? 6-8 weeks for the follow up sounds good. If it’s face to face it give time for recovery before undertaking the long journey back.

Thank you so much for all that. I’d really rather know what to expect and wish hospitals gave more information beforehand


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Pb1970 in reply to Puffling1

I only need to do 4 injections they go in your tummy honestly they aren't too bad..the catheter is a bit weird but it's easier than a bed pan it feels strange more than anything .

To be honest I don't actually know what he did(Apart from hysterectomy removing ovaries and cervix .. I had my tubes removed in 2016 )🙄he did tell me it all went well and there was no problems but I was still out of it a bit so expect he'll explain it all at my follow-up app I was just glad to get rid of it all .

Once again message me anytime if I can I'll try and help 🙂

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Puffling1 in reply to Pb1970

I’m glad it’s gone well for you. 4 injections doesn’t sound too bad so hopefully I’ll be able to manage that if I go ahead. Thank you x

I am waiting for surgery too, mine is beginning of December. I had a phone call yesterday from an endometriosis nurse. She gave me a couple of tips.. whoever is picking you up get them to bring a pillow so you can put that over your tummy and then put the seatbelt on. When in hospital get a spare pair of surgery stockings, as you will have to wear them for a week after surgery, you will be able to wash them then. She told me that most ladies are 6 weeks recovery. You will be able to have a wash/ shower pretty much straight away, take care to dry belly button incision as that is where infection is most likely to occur. I hope your surgery goes well, I know how anxious you are feeling!

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