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laparoscopy what to expect


just had a consultaion with my gynocologist today and he has advised to do a laparoscopy i was just wanting to know what peoples experiences have been with having one of these and what the recovery time was, and any other advice!


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I’ve had three and every time the recovery has been different. I guess it depends on how much is done when they get in

Lots of posts on my account, you’d have to scroll down quite a bit but there’s a post called “panicking about lap on Tuesday” and then the few posts after that. I got some good advice from some lovely people on here. X

Pinkyy in reply to C2691

Thanks took a look very helpfull! x

-Big knickers that go up your stomach and over your incisions

- massive T-shirt for bloating

- peppermint tea or capsules for gas pains, nausea and bloating

-pillow to put over your stomach so the seatbelt doesn’t rub your incisions on the drive home

My recovery was 3/4 weeks, but I pushed myself too far and reopened my wounds, plus had a couple of infections so it was more 6/7 weeks until I felt completely back to normal xx

Pinkyy in reply to cmbxm

Thanks! x

7 days recovery for me both times.😊

I had my first laparoscopy in October 2019.

- 3 weeks recovery

- peppermint tea for bloating

- pain killers

- ask whoever is doing your surgery if they will come and see you when you come around afterwards. And if you could have a follow up appointment. Nobody came to see me. I was just left with my discharge notes that said that they had found endometriosis and what they had done with it. No follow up appointment or anything. Quite disappointing as I had lots of questions.


I would really recommend to make sure you have it done by an endometriosis SPECIALIST and not a general gynae with just a ‘special interest’. I was in your shoes a year ago and my gynaecologist sprung it on me with such authority that I didn’t question/have any idea til after the lap that he was not the right person for the job. I cannot stress this enough; whether the surgeon is a specialist or not really, really counts. Wishing you lots of luck x

It is more invasive and impactful than I had expected to be honest. I found it extremely sore for the first few days and then it gets easier but it is exhausting as it is quite a invasive procedure. I would recommend taking two weeks off work, you may feel better after a week but some people take longer. You can always go back earlier. I would also agree with pushing for a specialist in your area. Really understand why you need it. There may be a waiting time but it is worth it and definitely asking for a visit afterwards. I had to fight quite hard to get my lap, so it is good your consultant is offering it. It can explain pains and they are also recognised to give a fertility boost for a few months after. Good luck. X

I had lap with removal of fallopian tubes, draining and removal of endometrioma, and cutting of bowel adhesions. I had it on the Friday afternoon, got home late Friday night. On the Sunday I was able to go into town for a meal (although unfortunately sat down too heavily in my husband's car as it is lower than mine) so not sure it was a good idea, as I felt a bit rough during it. On the Tuesday, I was back attending my pottery class as usual. But I had the whole of that week off work (I know my priorities!) going back the following week.

Pain wise I only took codeine the first night but for the first few days took paracetamol/ibuprofen regularly round the clock.

First night I found wee'ing very hard (as in I felt I had a full bladder but couldn't 'go'). Apparently side effect of the anaesthesia/catheter.

I had my first lap in October 2018. I automatically got 2 weeks signed off work from the doctor, but I wish I took 3 as I definitely wasn’t ready to go back and felt pressured by my boss to go back in sooner than I was ready. Don’t push yourself too hard and take each day as it comes, everyone is different!!

I was really lucky in the fact I didn’t get any shoulder pain (trapped gas) but the anaesthesia really took it out of me. I was very slow and not with it for a few weeks and struggled to move around. My top tips below!

- massive baggy comfy pants!!

- fresh bandages and bandage tape

- heat pads (for if you do get shoulder pain)

- solpadeine (this is codeine, paracetamol and caffeine - you can only take for three days but this helped me immensely)

- an adult colouring book/puzzle (this stopped the boredom and gave me something to concentrate on!)

- make sure you do a big food shop before hand with lots of picky snacks to make sure you have everything you need.

- fragrance free wet wipes

- once you’re allowed to shower - a fragrance free body wash to stop any infection

I think I’ve covered it.. but anything you think you may need then get it! You’d be surprised at the little things! I made sure the whole house was cleaned top to bottom before my surgery too, it just felt so much easier to recover in and not having to worry about it! Xxxx

I think everyone’s recovery will be different . I’ve had 3 laps, 1st one the worst as it was the deepest had an overnight stay in hospital and 3 weeks off work. The other 2 were not too bad but again it took 3 weeks to get back to work. Good luck x

Hi I’ve only had one and was for ovarian cyst removal... wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be after and I felt like I was able to do my usual after 3 days but everyone is different it’s now 4 months on and one of my scars on my side is still very tender when there’s pressure applied hope it goes well for you


Hi Pinkyy,

some great tips for surgery :) you can also find some information and personal stories on the below links for the Endometriosis UK website. They have some good stuff on there. My personal advise would be relax and take it easy don't push yourself to do too much too soon. Listen to your body you will know your limits!

Best wishes,

Louise, EndoUK Moderator

You will be under general anesthetic. They fill your abdominal cavity with gas to help see in there so when you wake up there will be lots of gas still in there

I looked pregnant for a day or two. The gas can get trapped in your shoulders so take something as soon as you get home. I had windeeze. The first few days felt like really bad period and the stitches were very tender. I slept downstairs for 2 nights and wasn't allowed to get my stitches wet for at least a few days

I took a week off work and was well enough by then to go back. I had no treatment during my surgery, it was only diagnostic.

Whether they do anything depends on how much they find. If its quick they will do it there and then. If its a bigger job they won't

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