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"I swear you're just like a pill, stead of making it better you keep making me ill"

Would some of you kindly share some success stories with me, I am chemically intolerant, Can't use fragrance, can't take hormones, can't drink alcohol, so I rely on things like heating pads, tens machine, cod liver oil tummy pads. I get migraines from shampoo's or deodorants if they are not fragrance free. I hear about so many of you taking so many drugs to get you by, I used naproxen and acetominophen in the past and ended up with IBS.

Just want to hear is there anyone out there kicking endo's butt naturally? Through elimination diet ect. and some more positive pointers!

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Hey, I haven't read it yet but have you tried "Endometriosis: A key to healing and fertility through nutrition"? Hope it helps.


Thanks erica_london,

I take it it is a book? I haven't heard of it but I shall look it up.

Curently I'm enjoying music therapy with a throwback thursday listening to Pinks album Missundaztood on Rdio. The lyrics are really striking a chord (no pun intended) but it makes me wonder what she draws these lyrics from, maybe she suffers like us too!


Today is crying day for me :-(. I feel really desperate to be quite honest.

Yes, is a book. And actually it's mentioned I believe in one of the pdfs documents available from Endometriosis UK website. You can buy it for 12-13£ on Amazon.

I have to study for an important examen this December but I intend to read it after. If you can give me your feedback it would be great!!!

Hope it helps!

All the best.



Hi Erica,

I have to admit I'm not much of a book worm I do a lot of reading but mostly via internet. I'm really quite tight too as I have have not been employed since this disease took me down I rely on my husband's income to get us through and i do my part by not spending any money if I can help it. It's a lot of looking but not buying but luckily I'm not a materialistic girl. We have managed with a wing and a prayer to raise two children into adulthood but the apron strings are never really cut financially. We never had much, but each other and had to move in order for him to get more work. We're just into our 50's now and wishing he could hung up the spurs and stay at home with me now as he works out of town and I get very lonely with just the two dogs most of the time cause my daughters always on the go.

Tell me what's got you down, maybe there's something I can do to help?


I posted something some minutes before yours. You can find it there :-).

I am just 28, but my hubby and I are starting our life in the UK. We are not ready to have children, we need at least 1-2 years to have them. Pills cause me no libido at all and I am struggling to find the right contraception...


I know I'll put it on my Christmas gift list!


Yes I read your post, just wrote a long reply and was switching back and forth between pages and it was gone.So frustrating

It's tough the libido thing and I wasn't tolerant of any birth control myself. After my kids I got my tubes tied that was because they were going in anyway to treat my endo with the first lap in 1997.

All I figure is you have a man who's all yours and that is the sexiest thing in the world. It just trying to turn off everything that a women has going on in a day to get in the moment can be tough and feeling in pain doesn't let us enjoy the moment.

I never tried meditation but my husband practiced it was he was in karate when he was younger and encouraged my son with dealing with stress to try it. Maybe that'll help. The poor men can sometimes miss the passion they once got from us. Wish I could be of more help.

I hope you don't get down on yourself about it though it's not your fault and we are sometimes our own worst enemies. We see ourselves as bloated but I bet your man doesn't even notice that. (like Julia Roberts told her friend in Eat Pray Love)There is still a light inside of you that nothing can put out, just look within yourself to shut out all the bad vibes , voices in your head, you are young and beautiful and a good person, get in touch with your good side and have it kick endo out the bedroom door.


thanks for your comment givemeananswer.

I have been doing some research on birth control pills or other forms of contraception that doesn't lower the libido (or if increases it).

I know it does't make sense as all of them are hormonal solutions but having my period monthly is not a solution for our cases. I have come down to a list of 3 pills available in NHS where several posts claim to increase the libido.

Now I need to wait 3 weeks to go to my consultant and see if those pills are ok (not sure if I can wait that long) so I can ask them to my GP :-).



The book by henrietta norton I found easier to read than the one mentioned above, she is a nutritionist who also has endometriosis herself. I have personally found the diet very useful as am really really trying to avoid any medication for pain relief which I do find hard when on my period. The diet has helped more generally in making me feel better and I have less pain when going to the toilet and a lot less bloating. You can probably get a lot of the information on the internet. I find exercise also helps me too as I go to my class in pain and when I have finished the pain is less.


Wind_mill, cute user name, should be mine as my posts usually get so long.

Thanks for the info. I wish I had some words of wisdom to share about managing the pain through your period, if I had to do it all over again I still don't know what I'd do.

I am currently avoiding lactose in milk products, gluten, oils except a little G/f salad dressing, and I'm just drinking a lot of water and peppermint and decaffeinated green tea combo, only eating raw or cooked vegetables and limiting my fruit intake. Dealing with high triglycerides and pain and swelling in my tummy so just this for a few days, easy to do while hubby is away. Woke up this morning and had been having nightmares, my bellies really sore. Feels like adhesion's at least that's what I'm imagining pulling inside. Wish we were as up to date as the Jetsons tv show implied we would be in 2014, so i could just use some kind of gamma ray gun to scan my belly and feel all better.

I don't even know if this is a gynecological disorder this time or not maybe it's a gal bladder thing, just given my history I suspect it is, don't want to take their drugs to find out, I just want a diagnosis first.