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Advice? Very Heavy Period- sorry if TMI


I have been diagnosed with endo, and trialled the coil which I personally hated- I am under a BSGE center (just- initial apt in March, after MRI I finally have a f/up in August).

I am currently on the pill (femodette) and I really struggle with periods, I end up really run down, low in mood, my bowels which are awful get even worse, I get migraines- you get the gist. My GP advised to take the pill three months at a pop and then have a break. I just had a period and it was so heavy- I was a work and could literally feel it bubble out, then felt wet and had blood trickling down my legs (it had soaked through and over my pad). I didn’t know what to do, my job is new so I didn’t say anything, cleaned myself up as best I could and sat down until lunch when I could buy new trousers. Has this happened to anyone, what did you do?

I’m on a gluten free diet, low dairy- soya is good with me (I tried eliminating, felt better with), I exercise (when not bleeding, at this time just plaiting my hair is hard)

What treatments are effective? I can deal with pain, it the periods, fatigue, mood and being ill I can’t stand- I don’t want endometriosis to stop me from doing things but it is ☹️

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HI there

I understand how you feel about heaving bleeding! I have experienced it for the last 10 years! I used to take Tranexamic Acid which is a non hormonal tablet taken only during periods and reduces blood flow by up to 50%. It was really helpful and effective for me so perhaps do some research on it if you haven’t already tried it? I always wear shorts beneath my clothing when I’m bleeding just in case...take a change of clothing and spare pads with you to work at all times!

What did the MRI show? Have you had the lap? What has your experience been with the BSGE clinic you attended?

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I’ve only had 1 appointment so far, then the MRI a month later- they wanted to review the results before booking a review and that has resulted in a 6 month gap, obviously frustrating.

The actual appointment I felt the consultant was very knowledgeable and had a question regarding symptoms which showed a good understanding. I will ask about that tranexamic acid- do you find you feel better as well because you’re not bleeding as much? Are you under a BSGE?

I’d love to go to a support group but there’s nothing near me 😟 this forum is so helpful, thank you for your reply x

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I am seeing a consultant at Guys and St Thomas’s hospital this week (it’s a BSGE clinic) for the first time.

When I was on the Tranexamic Acid it helped me so much! I wasn’t bleeding excessively and so I could do the normal day to day activities without worrying about leaking etc. I stopped becoming Anaemic too. I was on them for a few years without a single side effect but unfortunately they stopped working for me.

Yes, this forum is such a blessing as it makes you feel less alone and you can share experiences with those who truly understand!

Take care!!

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Good luck with your appointment 🤞 i’m At Croydon

I used to get flooding when I first started getting periods as soon as I got one I would leave school and go home had to sleep in bed with a towel and flung out so many pairs of pants and PJ bottoms as I had soaked right through ive changed pills numerous times and was recently told the one I originally was out on called cilest is the best pill to stop flooding I was ask to go on that one it helped mines x

Please see your gp they can give you something to help and also make sure it isn’t making you anemic. How long have you been on this pill? Sometimes hormones make me worse so it may be that or a “settling phase”. Again, something worse discussing with your gp.

In the meantime you can try doubling up on pads. I sometimes use cloth pads too as they seem to hold more (you can buy loads on eBay) but you do need to rinse them when changing which may be difficult in work depending on your bathrooms. I also carry spare pants, wet wipes and a mini perfume in my bag (that ones for bowel issues), it may as well be a diaper bag lol. I always take it to the loo and if anyone asks “girl stuff” is more than enough. You could also try keeping spare bottoms in the car. I know someone who does this due to an ostomy and people rarely notice the change (I can’t tell you what my colleagues wore yesterday) and if they do just say “I spilt coffee down myself luckily I had these in my gym bag”

Thank you ladies, I have my consultant appointment in just over 3 weeks- I don’t find my GP beneficial, they are lovely but seem lost as to how to help me. I’ve been on this pill pre pregnancy and then stopped for a couple of years (trialled the mirena coil) been back on it for the past year but not sure what to do- my symptoms just seem to get worse with every period- still it’s just about finished so I’m beginning to feel a quite a bit better. I might get some Tena lady knickers, I will also put spare clothes in my car 😊 thank you

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