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How long is first Gynaecologist appointment going to last?


I have suspected endometriosis. I’ve already had ultrasounds, blood tests, Urine tests etc done to rule anything else out. My appointment is on the same day I go on holiday. My appointment is booked for 10am and am aiming to leave for my holiday around 11:30 from the hospital. Would this likely be possible? If I needed a laparoscopy would they be able to put my on the list before they do the pre assesment, then will do the assessment when I return? Also are they likey to give me medication or treatment during the appointment so that I am in less pain intill I go for my lap? Really don’t want to wait till I get back from holiday at the end of August to even start being seen! Next appointment she are in October if I was to cancel. Many thanks

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My appointments have ranged from 10- 45 minutes. If they decide to do a lap, they will put the referral in on the same day and the pre op assessment is done up to a month before the surgery. They will give a prescription for painkillers or contraceptive pills the same day normally.

This is just going off my experiences and hospitals. I’ve seen 7 gynaes in the last year and have my lap on Tuesday xxx

Thankyou so much for your reply. Just hoping there’s no delays in the appointments as seems all should be fine!

Every surgeon has different procedures, I had to have my pre op before I was put on the waiting list but not all surgeons do that x

Should be ok! Is this private or NHS? My initial consultations are usually 45 mins - 1 hour if private but I think when I was on the NHS it was about twenty mins, although the surgeon did already know me/ had treated me before. Just be aware they might not always run on time though! My current consultant is lovely but he’s always running about an hour late!!

You have your pre op just before your actual operation so you’ll be put on the waiting list for a lap straight after the consultation if that’s what the surgeon agrees is how they want to proceed. Then as you get closer to your operation you’ll be invited for a pre op.

Be mindful that if you wait until your consultation to ask for better pain relief you will then have to get to a pharmacy and possibly wait a while which may be pushing it for you if you need to get to the airport! Also where are you travelling to? A lot of places you need a note from your gp to take codeine to as they view it as an opiate and you would get into trouble.

I would go to the gp for your pain relief and the note if required in advance and let your consultant worry more about the procedure itself! What are you currently using as pain relief? I find mefenamic acid and strong codeine worked best for me. Also it helps to start the mefenamic acid a couple of days before your period starts as it is more effective than if you wait until you’re in agony to take it. Hope that helps x

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