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First gynaecologist App Coming up



Iv recently had my appointment through - it says General Gynaecologist not Endo Specialist gynaecologist even though my Dr thinks I have Endo (Please see previous post about my past history)

Iv read a lot about general gynae's dismissing people rather then listening? Any advice/help on getting in for a lapo booked from the first app? I know this seems v.impatient but iv been struggling since my 12 and im now nearly 25!

Thanks for any advice in advance!!!

Hayley xx

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Hiya, i had my first appointment with a general gynaecologist yesterday and sadly felt like he didn't really listen to a word I said. He kept interrupting me! I advised him that my doctor strongly believes I have endo and that he was hoping I would be sent for a laporoscopy. I felt like he was trying to put me off the idea as he went into all the possible things that can happen during surgery. He then suggested I run my pill on for 3 months but when I advised him I had already done this he put me forward for a laporoscopy. Just stand your ground and say that after all the pain etc your happy to try anything to get a diagnosis. Hope you get on okay x

wow thank you!!!! my mum is coming with me and hoping if im too emotional she will put her foot down for me!!! Iv been on 13 pills so they surely cant recommend that and im refusing to have the coil!! xxxx

My appointment lasted around 5 minutes, I thought I would have been asked loads of questions but he didn't ask me many. Just from the get go say your doctor thinks you have endo and thinks a laporoscopy is the way forward and hopefully he or she will agree. X

Thank you, youv made me feel way more positive about getting my point across :) xx

I refused the coil too and I stood my ground and told him I wanted to be seen as priority as it had taken so long to get an appt with him, he was wanting me to wait 6 months for the lap!!! But I refused to go unless he put urgent on my referral form so I was seen in 2 months, I was quite proud of myself for that! You can do it!! :) and good luck x

Mia26 in reply to ChanLuisa

Can I ask? What is the coil?

I've heard lots of people talking about it, not seeming to want it - is it something that helps with endo?

Hope your ok xx

ChanLuisa in reply to Mia26

It's like a t shape thing that they put in the uterus to stop you getting pregnant really basically an alternative to having to take the pill, I just didn't like the idea of that and would rather take the pill and stop them when I chose if I needed to :) however I know some people who have been really happy with having the coil too I think it's just preference :)

wow brilliant! I get married in 6months and im really nervous if i do get in for a lap it will affect my hen do/wedding plans :( xx

Hey Hayley,

Try not to worry about the fact that it isnt an endo specialist- they are ideal but a gynae specialist can be just as good.

When I had my first app I felt the exact same as you do now and was so worried they would just fob me off with some pill to try. I stood my ground and my main defense was that I didn't want to be trying different pills and contraceptive methods to cover up and obviously underlying problem- if that makes sense. I explained that i'd be happy to try all of that once I actually knew what condition I was dealing with. I also said I dont want to try a pill for a few months just to be back where I am now but three months down the line.

I would also really try to get across how much pain you are in and how debilitating your symptoms are. They seem to listen more when you explain its stopping you from living a normal life.

They really do try to put you off and talk you out of it but you just have to say exactly what you want. In my appointment the consultant sort of came to a compromise in that if I had an ultrasound scan to rule out other things then she would be happy to send me straight for a Lap for Endo. I think it is likely that they will ask for an ultrasound scan to rule out cysts etc, So I would't get your hopes up that your next appointment will be your Op date. Its a long and drawn out process but fight your corner and you will get the answers you need.

Best of luck, if you ever want a chat feel free to PM me. :)xxx

Thank you Nicole :)

Iv just had internal/external ultrasounds and this time (iv had about 4 so far - sometimes had ruptured cysts) and this time only cysts on my kidneys have been found. so hopefully they will take that into account rather then sending me for another!

Thank you so so much


Dear Hayley

Below is information on getting a diagnosis and also it might be worth filling in the pain diary, as this assists doctors in being able to diagnose what's going on.

If you need someone to talk it through with we have a team of people on our helpline who would be happy to have a chat.

Good luck with the consultant

I've only ever seen a general gynecologist and they've been great. They've all been really understanding and knowledgeable about endo. My first appointment they booked me in for a laparoscopy to diagnose it and fit a coil. I had that removed not long after though as it caused sepsis. They tried every option after like the pill etc, and a year later I had another lap to remove as much as they could. I've recently had a baby via c section, it's a miracle I got pregnant to start with and have a healthy pregnancy, but even the drs who delivered him were interested in my endo and had a look at it while I was opened up. x

Thank you :) lovely to hear you had a healthy pregnancy too! Hope you and baby are well :) x

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