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First gynaecologist appointment


So my GP has referred me to gynaecologist for suspected endometriosis, but I have no idea what to expect from this appointment. What normally happens at this first appointment? Have had transvaginal scan and no cysts on that thankfully. Just a bit clueless really! Hoping it’s a nice consultant I see!

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Is it a specialist endo centre or a general gynae clinic? They will likely talk through your history, do a little examination and perhaps another tv scan. If it is a specialist then they can sometimes see endo on the scan.

If you get sent to a general gynae I would recommend getting referred to a BSGE accredited endo centre.

Scottoe in reply to Tegster

It’s just a general gynaecology clinic. Hopefully they’re clued up as read reviews of this person and have all been positive xx


At my first appointment with my gynaecologist, he felt my stomach externally and we spoke through my symptoms and concerns I had. We booked in an ultrasound and laparoscopy in that appointment.

From what I know with others experiences:

- You should be prepared to go through all your symptoms based on maybe time of the month or the severity

- Know beforehand what you want from this appointment - if that’s a laparoscopy, then make sure you ask for this, they might not offer it to you without being prompted! Or if you need more information on endometriosis then make sure you have planned your specific questions!

Fingers crossed that you have a nice consultant and you get some progress :) x

Scottoe in reply to tig0512

Thank you!

When I went to see GP with concerns they did internal exam and I was very tender when they press your stomach at the same time. Was sore for a good 4 days after that as well!

I think I’m most worried about future fertility and pain/period issues when I come off the pill. Been advised to take it constantly so have done for the past 8 months or so. Still get really bad pelvic, abdominal and back pain despite being on the pill though xx

tig0512 in reply to Scottoe

It’s good that you know what you’re concerned about - make sure you write this down so you remember to ask! Maybe take someone with you incase you feel overwhelmed - I felt like I was being asked so many questions that I couldn’t concentrate on other concerns.

I am in the same position as you, coming off the pill was not an option for me because it’s the worst pain I’ve had, so I now take my pill back-to-back to prevent getting my period as much as possible.

It sounds like a conversation with the gynaecologist will hopefully clear up what options you have going forward. If you’re looking for a diagnosis then the only way is to have a laparoscopy, so push for that if you want! X

Scottoe in reply to tig0512

Luckily work in the nhs and have had previous health issues so don’t get overwhelmed 👌🏽. Definitely writing my list of questions though as guaranteed as soon as I get out of appointment I’d realise I forgot to ask something haha. Yeah think I’ll try and push for laparoscopy as know the waiting list can be long so may as well get on it as soon as!

GP said the new guidance is to take pill continuously if they’re thinking endo xx

I have just recently had my first appointment with a gynaecologist and it was pretty straight forward. He asked about the pain, how long I'd been having it, took some swabs to rule out PID then offered up the laparoscopy.

I've been back and forth to the docs for more than 8 years though so a laparoscopy for me was the only thing left to offer up I feel. Go prepared with answers to questions like, how bad does the pain get, what's it like, when/where do you get it.. also a list of painkillers you've tried for the pain and contraception. Make a note of any questions too, I forgot to ask a couple of things, it's quite annoying when you wait so long to see someone so make sure you get the most out of it!! X

Scottoe in reply to Lea_Lo

Luckily my GP already did the swab for PID so definitely don’t have that. I’ve pretty much always had the massive clots, horrendous pain and feels like you’re being shoved with a hot poker at times. And pain when trying to poo when on a period (tmi I know haha). I now realise none of this is “normal” period issues. Then when I mentioned family history of possible endo to GP she sent referral off. Being a female sucks at times!

Will write a wee list of questions on my phone haha xx

I tell everyone my toilet troubles when they tell me "it's only a period" 😄 it's not normal to be in that much pain and I'm glad your gp didn't mess about with getting you a referall! Good luck :) xx

Scottoe in reply to Lea_Lo

Yeah coming down stairs and struggling to walk as feels like the pressure is so bad in your bum like you’re gonna poo yourself. Like spasms down there. Horrible! Someone I know has endo and she basically described what I’m going through to a tee! So wouldn’t be surprised by the diagnosis. Just want answers tbh. Yeah she’s a good GP - would trust her with my life (know you can’t say that about a lot of doctors). So try and only see her about anything as she knows i don’t moan for nothing either xx

You know the ropes, but just to rehash make sure you have your medical diary with you, keep your expectations low, you know how it is and plan a treat for yourself after the appointment/ meet up with a friend for coffee afterwards.

Scottoe in reply to 3caramel7

It’s all good. He’s gonna do a laparoscopy as thinks there’s something going on xx


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