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Gynaecologist appointment today.. waste of time.

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Considering she done the laparoscopy on me in December last year...she keep telling me she only found one bit of endo, I had to correct her and tell her I had three bits...she then looked though my notes and corrected apology.

She's not doing another laparoscopy on me...despite I have the same symptoms witch made her give me a laparoscopy last year...

She wants me stay on the pill for 4months then have a break to have a period.

Don't see what that's going to do, still going to be in pain, still going to bleed, endo still going to be there

She wants to see me in may 2018, and then she'll decide if she wants me to have another laparoscopy...laparoscopy is 6months waiting list... so I won't be having another laparoscopy till 2019👍🏻

Annoyed doesn't even cover what I'm feeling

Emma xx

18 Replies
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That is crazy, smh. I hope you get the relief you need, especially from a different doctor.

I’m sorry she is being so dismissive. It’s very frustrating when doctors behave in such a way.

She may want you to keep off your period to delay growth. But with the amount of pain you’re in I’m not sure what difference it would make.

Are you able to see a different gynecologist?

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Yes Iv made a doctors appointment to be referred to another hospital x

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Good I am so glad!

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There's a hospital not far from me witch has a unit especially for endometriosis..going to try get referred there xx

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I hope it goes well. Keep us updated :)

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Popetta in reply to Emma5397

Dear Emma,

Sorry that you had such an appalling response from your gynae.

I think it's definitely a good idea that you visit a specialist endo centre. Even better if it is a BSGE accredited centre. Some "regular" gynaes do not have a clue about the complexity of this condition and how important it is to treat it properly.

I'm not sure where you are based, but if in the UK, you can check for BSGE accredited centres on the below link:

Bets of luck, I hope things improve for you!

Keep us posted :-)

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I’m in the same boat. I’m on the patch instead of the pill and have to stay on it for 3 months then go back to see them the pain is still there and the painkillers I have been given just don’t touch it I feel ur pain xx

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Emma5397 in reply to Porter88

It's so frustrating! I feel like I'm talking to a break wall! How long have you been doing the patch thing? Have you noticed any difference x

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Porter88 in reply to Emma5397

I ave been on the patch after my 1st son who is now 7 it seem to help with most symptoms but I have only been back on it for 8month after haven my 2nd son with the help of chlomid due to my endometriosis we struggle to conceive. But now it’s just not helping nothing seems to ease the pain xx

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Emma5397 in reply to Porter88

I hope they can give you something to help you, must be hat with little Ines aswell! I know when I'm at my worst I just wanna lay in bed all day x

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I could have written your post so I share your pain! I had a Lap in Jan this year, endo found & removed from everywhere (including rectovaginal). No treatment post lap, delay in follow up and no let up in my pain at all. Surgeon has been nothing but dismissive, prescribed the pill in July which I couldn’t tolerate due to headaches so stopped in August. Was seen again in October and started on Yasmin, discharged and told that some women ‘just get pain’ and is have to live with it as he’d removed it all and I wasn’t getting another lap. According to him I should handle my pain as I would leg cramp as it’s the same thing.

Within a week of starting Yasmin I was in agony and ended up in hospital on morphine which I was discharged on. Went back to work today but I’m struggling.

I’ve been told I have to be seen by him for follow up as he’s their BSGE surgeon. I’m due to see him again in January but I just can’t handle his appaling attitude so have made an appointment to see my GP in December (the earliest date they had!) to demand a referral to an endo centre in London although I’m doubtful as he refused when I asked in August.

I’m just exhausted with it all, why does everything have to be a battle?

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Popetta in reply to LSF1982

Dear LSF1982,

I know that every woman's experience is different. In my case, I was put on the pill very early in my teenage years in order to achieve regular periods (was later diagnosed with PCOS after many years of seeing different specialists).

Though I changed several brands due to moving countries and also adverse effects, I can confirm that I have been on Yasmin for many years and it has done absolutely nothing to alleviate my crippling pain. Whether it is because it is being taken differently I do not know .

My battle with severe abdominal & pelvic pain (among a long list of symptoms) started 2 years ago, and, after a lot of toing and froing and being treated in a really disappointing manner, I am being referred to a BSGE accredited gynae (my own choice, as going privately), due to suspected endometriosis.

Had too many bad experiences with medics including the famous "it's all in your head" and "well... by rule of exclusion it's only IBS so you have to live with it" to name a few. Visits to A&E, having to take time off work because of being totally incapacitated,etc.

I am by no means an expert, however I do believe that we women know our bodies better than anyone else, so something is definitely NOT right inside.

Is there any way you can see another BSGE specialist in order to challenge the Yasmin option which obviously seems not to be working for you? It is a very "light" contraceptive, one of the more commonly known as "mini-pill". You are entitled to having a say in the course of treatment, specially since endo is not a "one remedy fits all" condition.

You may even need to take a copy of the NICE guidelines (September 2017) with you into your next appointment, just to refresh his/her memory on the expected professional level of care. You can access these by following this link:

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I was told by my gynae to take 3 months worth of the pill before having a break for a period and I’ve noticed a change. I feel more in control with my bleeding although I still get random bleeding it’s literally nothing compared to what I used to. Also I feel like the pain has reduced since I’ve been taking it back to back.

He told me if you take it back to back it delays the growth of the endo because it feeds off your period And 4 periods a year is better than 12 periods a year x

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Awh I'm glad it's working for you! I'm getting a second opinion before I do anything. Everytime Iv seen her she's been rude and up front and also lied about things she told me x

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If endo returns quickly after surgery its pointless going back in. Surgery isnt the answer to endo. Some people it is, some it aint. Mine returned within weeks. I have stage 4 deep infiltrating endo. My gynae too wont go back in. I had more that 3 patches. Bowel, bladder, both ovaries, fallopians. The reason they wont give you another lap so soon is because a) abdominal surgery no matter how mild is dangerous. b) risk of infection. c) risk of aneasthetic. d) it causes more adhesions and can leave you either infertile, no better or worse. You need to find another way to manage your endo. Im being trialled on a new drug as ive tried everything else. Your gynae is right not to operate again so soon

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Emma5397 in reply to Heloo85

Yes your right but my gynaecologist isn't an endo specialist and has lied about many things so I dont trust her. I know my body and I know what's best but thank you x

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Emma5397 in reply to Emma5397

Also not about having another lap, I couldn't care less if I had one or not. The fact Iv waited 6months to be spoke to like crap and not listen to...Iv been off work for two years because of the amount of pain I'm in and she's only just referred me to the pain clinic. Despite me asking serval times.

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