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Polyp in uterus mean anything?


Waiting to have doc review results of ultrasound but technician told me I had no cysts and 1 polyp. Internet (I know I shouldn’t rely on it) says women with endometrial polyps are more likely to have endometriosis. Just curious if this was true for Any of you without cysts? Note: I’m in the early stages of ruling out endometriosis. Thanks!

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I had an ultrasound at the beginning of this year and they found a mass in my uterus which no one has given me an answer about so it could also be a polyp?

I'm not sure because my GP said it seemed to be more like a chocolate cyst but inside my uterus. I'm having my lap this Friday so I could maybe provide more answers then.


Just come across your post. I had a cyst burst and that’s when they found I had a polyp. The endometriosis specialist I saw said that removing the polyp could help with my endometriosis as it can cause more bleeding (and I think pain) when you have your period. I had it removed (I won’t lie, it really hurt) and I don’t know if it’s made a difference but it’s gone. I still have pains like when I had my cyst and when it burst, but until I have my ultra sound I won’t know if there is another one or not.

I don’t know if this has helped or not =\.

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