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Lap and coil


Hey just wondering if this is normal...had lap op 6 days ago and coil fitted and although healing nicely and can move easier I still feel sick as a dog and really dizzy and exhausted and spent last 2 days in bed. Also have a constant stabbing pain down below so wondering if it's the coil.

My abdomin is sore but improving and wounds are clean. It's the nausea and dizziness making me feel awful has anyone else had this?

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Lap op was for endo ..had quite a bit out apparently

in reply to Dogpig

I had my coil fitted 6 weeks ago after a lap and feel awful. I’m off to A&E this afternoon to see if I can get it out. Can’t take it anymore.

Fingers crossed you are still just recovering from lap and feel better soon xx

I had mine fitted in November and although medically they said the coil wouldn't cause nausea and dizziness, I felt the same, so bad I ended up in a&e but was told the was nothing they could do and pit on a drip of fluid. I believe it was the coil. I've stuck with mine and have been fine since the initial early few weeks. Xxx

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