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Lap tomorrow - don't want coil!!


Hi ladies,

Hope you're all well and having pain free days.

I have my first lap tomorrow and have changed my mind about getting the mirena coil fitted whilst under GA.

I just want to be 100% sure they won't fit it, what's your experiences with this for anyone who's had laparoscopy before? I know I'll have a consent form to fill out in the morning so will the option to have the coil fitted be on the form as I've decided I really do not want it at this point?

Thanks in advance! Xx

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Befir mine was fitted my gynaecologist and I decided to have it fitted , if u don't want it fitted just say in the morning there will be nurses around

Just tell the nurses you don't want it when you're being prepped. They cannot put it in without your permission. Bear in mind though that it does help a lot of women and we have so few options with this disease that it really is worth trying something before you say no to it. Hope it goes well for you.

NJG_98 in reply to joreilly

I've spoken to my family and women in my family who have PCOS and problems with ovaries and pelvic pain, although they don't have endo none of them have done well with the coil. I know it's different for anyone but I'd rather not have it right now and let my body heal, I'd also like to try and conceive so I don't think the mirena is a good idea right now, I also heard it doesn't always help with endo? I can always have it in the GP surgery :)


Tell the nurses no, and there should be a sheet before surgery to sign out down you don't want a coil.

Go on a progesterone pill or visanne instead.

I wouldn't go on the coil either it's helped my mom but I had a reaction to Nuvaring and I know it wouldn't be for me.

NJG_98 in reply to Hidden

Ah brilliant I'll make sure they know I don't want it put in, im on desogestren or something which has worked to stop periods and most of the period symptoms , is the progesterone and vissane any different from mini pill do you know?x

joreilly in reply to NJG_98

If you're taking desogestrel (cerazette) this is the progesterone only pill. Mirena also contains a synthetic version of progesterone but in a much lower dose which may be safer - it does the same job as cerazette. It honestly might be worth having a talk with the nurses at the hospital tomorrow so that you've got all the information you need about the meds that you're using.

Hidden in reply to NJG_98

I think visanne is a slightly higher dose of progesterone in the mini pill which is only progesterone.

I found my pain got better when I took 2 mini pill one day (by accident) so I'm asking my dr about it.

They will ask you before hand and pop it on the consent form if you do want it so just say in the morning. Good luck! Hope everything goes well xx

NJG_98 in reply to Sunshine91

Ahh brill I will do that thank you very much! Xx


I had my 2nd lap 3 weeks ago and both times refused the coil!!!

they go through it all before the op and get you to sign a form to say you don't want it fitting! the defiantly won't fit it unless you tell them.

hope it all goes well xx

I was asked by the nurse, the anesthetist and my consultant so you'll have the chance to say no. They also made me carry mine down to surgery ha ha wish I'd thrown the bloody thing out the window. Good luck for tomorrow xxx

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