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Anyone had bone density teeth/jaw issues after zolodex and hysterectomy?


I am battling problems with the bone density in my jaws. My bones hurt in general and it's likely my bones density has decreased in general.

I've had several rounds of zolodex over the years and then a total hysterectomy at 39. I'm on bio identical hrt, I'm now 44.

Trouble is I know that all of this does not help bone density and can also lead to periodontal problems (bone loss in jaws) but there's no good research out there that I can find and my dentist is beyond useless and won't treat my periodontal problems on the NHS. Despite them clearly being caused by hormone treatments for endo. Every time I was given a different hormone treatment over the years my teeth suffered ( as some people's do with pregnancy etc.)

In the states lupron is now being flagged as cautious as the long term effects can be detrimental yet in the UK there's nothing about zolodex.

Is there anyone else who has long term effects from zolodex ?

Any advice would be amazing , particularly if anyone has got a dentist to actually understand about bone loss and hormones thanks ♥️

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My bones have thinned too. I’m not sure if it’s from the depo or Prostap injection as I’ve been on both since the first scan. I was recommended to take supplements to help support the bones

Thanks cupcake, sorry you are experiencing it too.

has anyone ever said it was from the hormones?

I'm taking supplements now but no one ever told me at the time!

They have said it could be as it’s side effects of both injections, I’m 28

I'm so sorry, I hope you can reduce the impact upon your bones. Please get your teeth checked too. I'm 44 and I've been told I will lose most of my teeth eventually. It's so shocking as I have always cared for them.

Do you ache where your bones are bad, I do x

Have you looked up the manufacturer’s published Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) for Zoladex on You can find it online here:

The SmPC makes it very clear that Zoladex treatment impacts upon bone density - it includes quite a few passages detailing the rate of bone density loss over time etc. I’d recommend taking a copy along with you to your dentist.

If your dentist still seems a bit slow on the uptake then medical professionals (inc. dentists) can contact the drug’s manufacturer directly. Drug manufacturers usually employ a team of advisors to offer medical professionals with detailed guidance regarding the short and long term side effects of the drugs they produce and how best to help patients manage them.

Zoladex is produced by AstraZeneca. On the SmPC they provide the following contact number for medical professionals to call:

Medical Information Direct Line

0800 783 0033

Best of luck, x X x

Thanks so much for this. It never used to say about done density, I tried before to find this info so I really appreciate it x

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