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Hi ladies, so I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis last April via laparoscopy and I was in excruciating pain every period and also trying for a baby for 4 years! So I was advised to go and have acupuncture and it has helped that much I don't have ANY pain what so ever now! It's been a miracle for me! Im still not pregnant yet but there may be hope if I keep having acupuncture! Fingers crossed! Just thought I would share this with you all! I know how hard endometriosis is! 💐

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wow! how did you start your journey that lead to acupuncture? did you have a talk with your gp? or is there a way of just going straight to a clinic?

I'm interested as I don't like taking tablets but my gp says acupuncture wont work without even letting me try :(

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I was told by my auntie who had 2 friends that had also been struggling to conceive and they had both got pregnant just by going to see Michael Gorman in Solihull, Birmingham for acupuncture. When I googled him he specialises in infertility, PCOS and endometriosis etc... so I thought well I've got nothing to lose, I started going in January and I've been once a month since and even after my first one I had a better period! I have a 3-4 day period now and no pain! So I cannot complain! Just really hope I get pregnant too!!

When I told my GP I was going for acupuncture he just laughed at me so they clearly don't think it works and obviously they don't advise people to have it but trust me it has worked for me! What tablets do you take then if you don't mind me asking? I didn't think there was any medication for endo? I had laparoscopy and that did help it for 4 months and then the pain came back again so that's when I tried acupuncture 😊

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My GP had mentioned acupuncture but cannot advise where to go / what to look for as it isn't an accepted treatment route, but she's all for alternative medicine personally which is great!

My symptoms aren't as severe as some women on here, but I do get bad period cramps about 2 days before and during, I get pain if intercourse is deep (sorry if tmi) and achey crampy after for a day or two. My specialist thinks that should go or reduce a lot after my second lap (in a week, aaahhhh) to remove the last bit of visible endo from my bowel. I preload ibuprofen three days before my period and then four days during (ish) and paracetamol during, as advised by my specialist. But I am worried about associated kidney and liver damage respectfully - as these are quite common with painkillers; most people ignore that part until the damage is irreversible. So looking into alternatives.

Sorry about the lap only lasting 4 months :(

Hi Katie, it's so nice to read something positive! I've had a few acupuncture sessions and I think they are just beneficial all round anyway. Good luck with getting pregnant!

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