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Cabin fever-post laparoscopy!

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Ladies- I’ve had 2 laps this year and have spent most of the year in bed.

I’m 28yrs old and I’m fricking fed up. I want to go out and dance my ass off and not worry whether I have painkillers in my bag or if I’m “over-doing it”.

I want my life back but it feels so out of reach at the moment x

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My goodness. That's depressing.

What's on earth has put you in bed for best part of a year? !!! I know some very sick people including those who have died but they weren't in bed all the time.

Hopefully you can get out soon x

Welll........ a mixture really

I had a miscarriage in January and spent most of the month recovering from that. My endo flared up as a result of the miscarriage and was in a lot of pain so was in bed most of the time (mixture of depression and pain)

Had a Laparoscopy in April so spent a good while recovering from that. Then had my last lap under 2 weeks ago and been recovering from that

The year is passing me by xx

How’s your TTC going? X

awe sorry to hear that hopefully you'll be out and about soon just bring the pain killer and do a little to start off. Hopefully now you've had your op you can slowly regain some sort of normality. :) You doing brilliant its still early days lots of recovery to do then lots of dancing :)

Hey lovely!

Thanks for you message, how are you getting on? How’s the pain?

I’m worryingly low at the moment. I had my last Zoladex injection on Wednesday so don’t think that’s helped.

I’m just having all kinds of worries and dark thoughts going round in my head. Major paranoia just horrible. I cry everyday. Having the weirdest dreams... last night a cat would not get off my back and it weed all over me????

I feel like a mad woman x

oh no blimey, op then a zoladex too you hiting it all with both barrels at the moment very hard for you. Hormone change is really hard I've not had another zoladex I cant hack it and no change at all in pain just seems pointless to try. As since hysterectomy menopause has changed nothing well pain has increased i dont think another hormaone change is going to change my pain if it is endo it cant be estrogen fed I dont think. I have colorectal on the 24th then will go from there.

I also feel mental pain just drives you mad doesnt it and the waitingto possibly feel better .... but on the good side you past your op so thats done, you've manged the bowel prep and that's done , do you have any change in the pain yet or is it just all just very painful from op ?

Yep I feel like a glutton for punishement at the moment lol. I really do... I don’t think I can take much more and I honestly think if anything else adverse happens to me this year that will be me done!

How would you describe your pain? Are you seeing the colorectal locally? My surgeon was wonderful but he was London based

Definitely noticed an improvement in the pain. I still get the odd niggle and having occasional bowel problem but he said because it’s been operated on it will be out of sorts for weeks and weeks x

Awe just do as many little nice things as you can and have a good laugh and a good moan as much as you can :)

Pains just constant on left side 3 years really just getting worse and worse. . It is a particular spot pain all comes from. Bowel so loud can hear it rumbling all the time . Pain but worse after bowel movement then can hardly get up sometimes,. Feels like a disturbed scab inside after bowel movement if that make sense like something stretching that's damaged. Pain point level with belly button about 3" to left, if I touch there I feel very sick with pain but lower back and whole abdomen hurts. Very swollen by now in day too, I am taking tramadol and dihydracodine for pain and bowels still really loose?? tmi ... .

Saw nurse today and she said it says now on my GP record hysterectomy was a mistake :( :( soo soo gutted :( nothing I can do now but feeling a bit wobbly about it all today :( Colorectal appointment 24th still feels a long way off appointment in Crawley I live in Brighton so gotta work out how to get there yet :) Not sure about driving after appointment hd so many appointment and its school holiday hate keep asking friends:( ......

Are you gonna manage getting out this weekend a little :)

I hope you’re going to pursue a complaint? That’s disgraceful them giving you a hysterectomy for no reason and then being in worse pain that ever!!!!! It’s disgusting...

How spooky I also live in Brighton LOL.

I’ve been going out every single day so haven’t let it stop me doing things xx

thats cool you in Brighton too if you ever want to meet up for a moan let me know :) :)

I am pursuing a complaint but its really hard going going over everything again and again and nothing is going to get my womb back so have too weigh up how far to go with it have had a resolution meeting but then still doesn't make sense so have asked a more questions in writing back in March apparently they nearly have answered them ??? I have an advocate helping me..... :( .... I just feel bloody ancient at 43.

But try to keep really busy like you.

I'm self employed so gotta keep working through all this. But loads of my work I cant do anymore I used to do stall at music / tattoo festivals but now cant really lift alot after hysterectomy ( fear of whole innards falling out :) ) plus pain bad so cant stand for long either or drive van long distances cos of pain killers ......

I know this is how it is now so gotta just get on... so trying to figure out living cheerfully with it but still dont get what the matter is IBS as the moment is the only diagnosis well 'tricky' IBS and painful bladder syndrome ?? both though things are bucket terms really , but I have no care plan at the moment really had to fight to get colorectal appointment ....will see how that goes.

At least we both live in a town where diet wise its easy to find non gluten/dairy free food easily :)

Hope you have a sunny weekend :)

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