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Pre op done: Was a bit traumatic haha


So I’ve just been and omg if I am this nervous now, I’m dreading what I’ll be like on surgery day haha. I was shaking just walking through the corridors and seeing the beds and people on the beds going to surgery

I had to wait an hour due to my blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof due to panicking. Eventually calm down and it went back to normal.

My boyfriend was texting me through the blood test and stuff to keep me calm.

Got my admissions letter for the 31st July at 7am and she gave me information leaflets.

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Hello my lovely!

I have a massive phobia of needles don’t know why it’s not the pain it’s just the the thought of actually having a needle. I’d never been in hospital before and I was hysterical at my pre op blood pressure was also through the roof.

But I woke up from my op smiling like I’d never smiled before in a long time! The relief that it was done. I promise you coming from someone who was so scared and a phobia of needles it really isn’t that bad it’s over before you know! You’ll be fine. There’s really nothing to worry about! I know it’s easier said than done but it really isn’t! You’ll be fine good luck 💖

Thank you, this is a random question but did you have like a locker or something to put your stuff in like clothes or phone etc.

I’d hate to be sat there waiting with no one or no phone/music xx

No, they put your bag under the bed you are on.

I had my phone on me until I went down and then when I came back around the nurse was so lovely and gave me my phone so I could speak to my partner as he wasn't allowed to come on the ward due to it being a female bay.

Hope all goes well xx

Honestly lovely you will be okay. The hospital staff will really look after you and put you at as much ease.

I’m always nervous walking into theatre and I’ve had three surgeries and this will be my forth surgery ( 3rd lap) but still feel nervous it’s normal. It feels very real when you walk into the theatre.

They can give you a sedative in theatre to help calm you. Last time I was offered one and took it 😂 it was nice 😏👍

I don’t mind the general anaesthetic bit that’s easy and really nothing to worry about.

Tell the staff it’s your first op and you are nervous they hear it so often and will talk you through it and hopefully reassure you so you feel better.

You can do this. You need your answers xoxo

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