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Pre op for laproscopy - what to expect?

Hi all

I am due to have my pre op for a laproscopy tomorrow and just wanted some guidance on what to expect.

I have been asked to take a urine sample but no further guidance. Is anyone able to tell me the sorts of tests thay they do?

Also does anybody know roughly how long it takes for the operation it takes after the pre op has taken place. I spoke to a (frankly) rude receptionist at the hospital who said I would be waiting 12 weeks because I was not an urgent case like the cancer patients they have (I never implied I was!). Surely it can't take 12 weeks after the pre op, anyone I know that's had an operation usually has the op within the week. If anyone has any guidance it would be greatly appreciated!

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I think your pre-op needs to be done no more than 2 weeks before your op. That was the case for me X


Hi i have my pre op on 5th November surgery was supposed to be 24th November but just been put back to 8th December, sure my last lap was a couple of weeks after pre op i can't see it been 12 weeks


Hi flossy.

I had just 5 weeks wait from pre op assessment to laparoscopy.

The pre op was height, weight, BP, medical history etc.

I am now 5 days post op and feeling really good

Hope all goes well

Claire xx


My 1st lap was supposed to be 12th October and my pre op was booked for this week. My lap been pushed back to 9th November and pre op now 2nd Nov as was told it needed to be within 2 weeks. 12 weeks sounds a long time!



my pre op was height, weight, blood pressure etc. It was done about a month before but it's supposed to be within two weeks I think. I went back for blood tests closer to my op date (as that's the only thing I don't like so didn't want them done twice!). The urine (or blood) test is probably a pregnancy test..?! They did one for me to double check (chance would be a fine thing!).

Hope that helps and that all goes well x


I have a pre-op on Oct 14th and my lap is Nov 16th. Had the lap pencilled in since my first consultant visit in August. The doc confirmed it with paperwork in my September visit and sent me to hand the paperwork in. At this point the staff apologised they could not do the pre-op there and then and booked in for the same day as my next ProStap to save multiple visits. This leads me to think that time before the op isn't such an issue and if you have emergency surgery you don't have any pre-op.

If I remember rightly my last one was quite short and was weight. height, blood pressure, blood tests and MRSA swabs and the nurse telling me off for being worried about the anaesthetic and being sick; she said I was silly (glad I am somewhere else now). When I saw the anaesthetist on op day he was happy to give me something to prevent nausea after I told him I was v sick as a kid after a general.


Afraid to say I have just waited 8 months for my lap date with a couple of pre ops thrown into that !my diagnostic lap came within 3 months though it all depends on bed space and surgeons lists


They take swabs on the day for the MRSA bug. They have upto 2 weeks to get you in after that otherwise you have to have another pre- op assessment. For my one which took place at the RUH, Bath I had a consultation with a nurse who explained what would happen and answer any questions I had. She ran through my previous operations, any allergies I had and why i was having the op. Then i was weighed and my height was taken(not sure why ). Then i was taken to have some bloods done. Each task was done with a different person so in between each one I was told to wait back in the waiting room which meant that it took 30-40 mins instead of 15 in total. Although each district is different in how they run things.Good luck and hope it all goes well for you :-)

p.s. then 4 days before your op you have more bloods taken to make sure you don t have MRSA.


Here's something you may wish to consider. You may want to get your b12 tested. I don't know what kind of anesthesia you would have, but nitrous oxide anesthesia can trigger a b12 deficiency. If you have a deficiency going in to surgery it could cause even more difficulty. Most doctors don't consider this. But it happened to me.

B12 serum tests don't always reflect tissue b12, so test results should be evaluated in the context of symptoms. There are secondary tests like homocysteine and methylmalonic acid.

Most doctors tend to underetimate b12 deficiency, but I think endo patients are at risk because we often have IBS-like symptoms.

Hope this makes sense!


In August last year I had my pre op then had the op 5 or so days later. But I just had my pre op last Friday and was told I can be waiting for up to 3 months for my admission!


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